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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Seerus Nalaius's review of: Cybertron Sideways

Name: Sideways
Series: Cybertron
Allegiance: Autobots/Deceptions
Function: Mysterious Double Agent
Sub-Group: Planet X

A con man from the day he first came online, SIDEWAYS is a master of deception, mixing just enough truth into his lies to keep both his enemies and his allies off guard. His tongue is as sharp as his sword, always ready with another trick of language to keep his marks guessing at his true intentions; at least long enough to jam a hidden blade through their anterior power units.

Ah Sideways, my favorite robot conman. In Armada, he played both sides very well, at least until he blew his cover. Even then he managed to still do his job. Now we have a new Sideways in Cybertron, and this time he is a black spaceship with goals remain even more mysterious.

Vehicle Mode:
If Sideways had the right paintjob, he could pass himself off as Cyclonus in this form. Wait, I take that back, I don't wanna give Hasbro any ideas. As a spaceship, anyway, his form is sleek and small, with reverse wings. This ship would be awesome to see flying in the skies, and I imagine it would also be very agile and able to perform 'drunken' zigzag flying much like Sideways does on the show.

However, it doesn't do much in this mode other than look really cool. You can raise the 'shield' on his back to look like a cannon, but thatís really all.

Robot Mode:
Sideways has a nice look to him, though for such an evil face I'd expect him to be bigger. Oh well. His paintjob is mainly black and orange, with some silver and gold here and there. His sleek form reeks of malicious intent and that red visor just smirks, loving how you have to wonder if he is truly your friend or enemy. He is extremely articulate too, so he can strike a lot of poses, and since his joints are still pretty tight, he won't wobble or slide around.

Pop the wings off his legs and you can assemble his large, double-bladed sword. The weapon on his left arm (I'm not really sure what you'd call it, it looks like a shield and crossbow type combination, but he hardly uses it other than to pop the blades out) contains his symbol, and using the Cyber Planet Key not only releases the blades in it, but also changes the symbol from Autobot to Decepticon. It's nice, but I wish you could change the symbol without having the key sit in there, as it limits the poses you can put him in.

Transformation: 7 - A bit complicated with a lot of twists, turns, and folding, but once you do it a few times, itís a cakewalk.
Durability: 7 - He's a bit flimsy feeling due to all the articulation in his body, but he'll survive a few falls as long as they aren't high and end in a splat on cement or wood.
Fun: 9 - He's an awesome space ship that turns into a devious robot thatís extremely articulated. What else do you want?
Price: 10 - $10 for him, thatís pretty hard to beat.
Overall: 9 - He's awesome and he is ready to spread confusion among the ranks of your TF toys. Definitely snap him up if you can find him.
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