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Ganon578's review: Soundwave

Name: Soundwave
Function: Information Staff/ Planet X Patriot
Allegiance: Decepticon

He is known by many names, though Soundwave is his most well-known one, and the one that inspires fear in Autobot and Decepticon alike. One of the mightiest, most straightforward warriors from Planet X, Soundwave is nonetheless a devastatingly subtle plotter. He prefers not to stab his victims in the back only because he enjoys seeing the look of betrayal in their eyes. Highly skilled in the techniques of espionage, he never enters battle without the knowledge he needs to win. His companion Laserbeak - equipped with a cloaking device - is able to infiltrate even the most well-guarded facilities.

When I started collecting Transformers again (due to the release of the Classics line), I wanted to get the Toys R Us exclusive edition of Soundwave from the Classics. Then I had difficulty finding him, and started thinking of other options. I came across the Voyager class Soundwave from the Cybertron line, and decided to order him. I couldn’t be happier with this choice. He’s simply a great figure.

Alternate Mode: Soundwave has a really good alternate mode. He transforms into a modified Stealth Bomber, and what it turns out to be is a really futuristic looking Cybertronian bomber with great features. There are essentially only two problems I have with this mode. First, some of the parts (mainly dealing with the legs and cockpit) don’t seem to lock in well. Maybe it’s my particular figure, or maybe I’m doing something wrong, but he fits tightly until you press on him wrong, then the cockpit is dislodging from its locked position. It’s still OK though and it works for the most part. Aside from that, the bombs on his wings don’t lock in well either. They seem to fall out if you look at them wrong. Speaking of the bombs, though, this is one of the greater features. The bombs are actually Soundwave’s guns (the one on his shoulder and the one in this hand), which transform into hexagonal-shaped bombs that tuck into the wings. There is a third bomb too, which is also hexagonal shaped, and locks into his chest compartment, which is located underneath the bomber in this mode. The third bomb is actually Laserbeak, who transforms into the small black and red bomb you see in the pictures. This bomb can be dislodged in flight by pressing the Planet Key into the slot on the top of the bomber mode. Soundwave also has some small wheels underneath which allow him to roll along for take-offs or landings. The coloring is great here with a darker blue with metallic gold and black accents. Soundwave’s cockpit window is purple, which looks good here. Overall, this mode is solid and lots of fun, with lots of little surprises.

Robot Mode: Robot mode is probably Soundwave’s better mode of the two. When you transform him, you get a robot that is hulking and looks like he’s ready to destroy. His wings fold up in this mode, which gives him a bigger stature. One of his cannons (bombs from the alternate mode) has a place to stick on his shoulder, which is reminiscent of the G1 version. His other cannon fits nicely in either hand, and it looks like it can do some heavy damage. What is also cool, though, is Laserbeak. He has spots to perch on either of Soundwave’s wing tips, and also has a spot to rest on Soundwave’s arm if need be. If you want to, you can also transform Laserbeak into his bomb mode and lock him into Soundwave’s chest compartment. All you have to do is use his Planet Key in Soundwave’s back to release him. Soundwave’s articulation is pretty good, most of his joints have a good range of motion, but since he’s top heavy, he doesn’t have many poses you can get him into for display. His legs seem a little thin in this mode, and they’re sort of difficult to get into a good position, but on the other hand they lock in tightly when you get them set right. The color palette is good here too; blue is the main color with a good amount of grey and metallic gold mixed in. You’ll also see some purple and red accents, along with some silver parts. Soundwave has a cool looking face which is very reminiscent of G1, and he’s got a gold lower face with a purple transparent visor which looks awesome. There’s a lot of throwback to the G1 version in this edition, but it also is something very different and really sturdy. Soundwave is a really great figure.

Transformation: 8. Really interesting transformation, but some parts don’t seem to move around smoothly. Good challenge too.
Durability: 9. A solid figure. I don’t think anything will break without a significant amount of stress. Well made.
Fun: 10. Both modes are fantastic. He’s just an all around great figure that you can do a lot with.
Price: 10. I got mine for $20 US. There’s a lot of value here with both great modes and the quality. Little surprises in this figure add to the value for the price.
Overall: 10. I can’t think of many other Transformers I own that can top him. He’s got a lot of value at a good price if you get him at retail. Highly recommended.

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