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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Maju Garzett's review: Galaxy Force Vector Prime

Name: Galaxy Force Vector Prime
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Guardian of Time and Space

Ancient, powerful and wise, GALAXY FORCE VECTOR PRIME has survived all through the long ages of his existence through more than mere power. Granted the ability to travel through time and across dimensions, GALAXY FORCE VECTOR PRIME has left echoes of himself throughout the past and future of countless dimensions. Though his appearance often shifts along with the dimensions through which he passes, he remains always the same- loyal, honest and devoted to the cause of justice. Though he may sacrifice himself in one incarnation, GALAXY FORCE VECTOR PRIME will always exist, and will always rise whenever he universe is threatened.

Always exist, huh? A foreshadowing of things to come I hope. GF Vector Prime is a repaint of the original Vector Prime. This is also my first review in a long time.

Vehicle Mode

Galaxy Force Vector Prime is an interstellar spaceship, which looks somewhat like the Darth Maul's ship from Star Wars. The ship is painted in pseudo-gold (a good cure for Gold Plastic Syndrome) with clear orange PVC plastic for the wings and sword. Details are painted in silver and black and have little tiny clockwork gears molded into the figure. He also comes with Safeguard, a minicon who transforms into a "gun-ship" and can be placed in one of three minicon ports. In my personal opinion, this mode leaves a lot to be desired due to the mode his limbs are exposed and his Cyber Key gimmick merely fires a missile and plays a basic firing sound, and luckily it is made up for in it's robot mode for the most part.

Robot Mode

With one of the easiest transformations I have ever seen (So easy his minicon has the same one, to the same effect), this mammoth of a Voyager Class figures is one of the tallest I've seen in that price point. No new colors show up, except black is more present then in the vehicle mode. GF Vector Prime (Who has 19 points of articulation) is a wonder of geometric shapes that contrast each other, yet blend in at the same time. My favorite things about this mode, happens to be his his "Cyber Key Activated" cannon in the cartoon and the front of the ship folds down into something which looks like a cape.

Unfortunately, his arms around his shoulder cannot rotate around, leaving some poses impossible with modification due to the fact his electronics limit movement. By moving his shoulder a laser sound plays, but if you put the key in then move his shoulder, it plays a modified version of his vehicle sound.

Transformation: 4. So freaking easy. So ease a Minicon can do it.
Durability: 7. Very sturdily built. But his sword and vehicle wings, although they look awesome, are made of PVC plastic and can easily bend out of shape (But at least they won't break), Be careful with it. Seriously.
Fun: 8. A really great idea is hampered by unfortunate technical limitations.
Price:9. Got it for about $25 at Big Bad Toy Store
Overall: One of the better figures of the Cybertron line. If you can't get the original, get this one. If you have the original (I didn't), you don't really need to get this as it is the same idea, but hey, if you want it get it. Highly Recommended.

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