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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Alternate Mode:
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Technical Specifications:

Firestrider's Review: DOTM Megatron (Commander Class)

Faction: Decepticon
Function: Decepticon Leader
Alt Mode: Mack Titan Tanker Truck
Motto: Peace Through Tyranny

Megatron has survived countless skirmishes with the Autobots. Although he has been deactivated more than once, he has never been permanently destroyed. He has devised a diabolical plan to assume the dictatorship of Cybertron by enslaving the Earth. With everything falling into place, nothing will stand in his way of total conquest.

Megatron is one of my favorite villains of all time. He is intelligent, cultured, agressive, and yet a chronic underachiever. Because he never stays long in the heat of a battle, he often loses by default to Optimus Prime and the Autobots. Although this is not my favorite version of Megs, yet I have a few things to say about this version.

Transformation: As a part of the Cyberverse Commanders, he has a simplified transformation that is fairly intuitive. I find this particular figure the easiest in the series to transform. The legs are simpler than they look, and they come out of a most interesting place. The arms (although prone to pop off) are much like TWOW Bonecrusher (Seen it before). This figure has several features that I have seen before in other figures-- especially deluxe Bonecrusher. The fusion cannon even transforms. That's not too bad, but it looks goofy if you split the cannon in half. After all, Megs needs at least one hand free in the battle. The most challenge in this figure comes by arranging the upper torso to drop the grille and brush guard over the chest area. I like the legs overall, because of the rotation. In Alt mode, all this honest-to -goodness robot villain is neatly compacted into the Mack Titan (snicker). If you have the extra to put on it, I would recommend the extended length battle base edition which includes an extended fuel tank, and a majorly amped fusion cannon.

Robot Mode: For a Cyberverse Commander, Megatron is one of the best. He's stocky, strong and extremely durable (unlike the movie). He also looks VERY DOTM Megatron. Many smaller versions of other characters lose the identity of the character in cm's of globby plastic-- not Megs. When transformed, he is as tall as Prime, shorter than Sentinel and taller than Ironhide, as he should be. He is very poseable because the legs are moveable in many directions below the knee. The arms have ball joints in the elbows, so as long as the arm is in the right position, you will be able to have decent movement. The head shows the injury imposed on him by Optimus Prime using his own cannon against him in ROTF. The problem is that it's stationary-- the only problem with any of the Cyberverse Commander series in articulation. Again, I say this isn't my favorite design, but I notice the small things about this figure (No pun intended). The rivots on the cab section give this character a "Frankenstein-ish" quality. The color of this guy also lends to his sinister nature.

Alt Mode: Megatron's Alt mode is (again) a Mack Titan Tanker. Whereas the size of the robot is very appropriate, and well proportioned, the regular issue alt mode of the DOTM Cyberverse Megatron is not. The fuel tank is simply too short. This is no doubt trying to meet a price point and to give a lower price alternative to the "full-scale" Cyberverse battle station version of the same figure. The cab section of the truck is proper, but the tank looks too small for the cab. The front of the cab looks very aggressive. The truck is very reminiscent of TWOW Bonecrusher, due to the front end, the placement of the arms under the cab and the military appearance of this vehicle. In comparison between Megs and Prime, Prime is longer, but shorter in vehicle mode.

Overall: I like this version of DOTM Megatron. It's easy (almost sacrilege for a Megatron figure) and it looks superb among the other Legends and Cy- berverse figures in my collection. He is the best built figure in this line, in spite of his tank proportions. He's very well articulated with joints everywhere, even joints that are present on more expensive versions. I have four Megatron figures, of which this is my second favorite.

Points out of 10 for the following:
Transformation:4 Easy- almost too easy for Megatron, yet intuitive-- the hallmark of this series.
Aesthetics:8-- how could something so ugly garner such a good "pretty" score? Simply the robot mode and the front of the tanker. The rear needs to be lengthened to be believable.Fusion cannon in robot mode is awkward any way you put it. Robot :9, Tanker:6
Articulation:9-- Well articulated. No head movement
Durability: 10 Rock Solid ! No loose joints nor parts.
Price:8-- This one seemed to be at $7.00 CAD. Not too bad for a figure that usually gets a price of around $10 CAD. Not too shabby, but could be better.
Fun:9.5-- In spite of the appearance, this guy is fun-FUN!! The only detractor is the short fuel tank, and that you have to split it in order for you to transform the cannon.
Overall:9 For the figure itself , this is very well made. It serves well as a commander for Legend-size troops. Although the truck looks like it needs a dwarf crew to drive it, it's saving grace is the compactness and the lower price. I can't really complain about what I got for the price I did. Well done, Hasbro.
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