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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Firestrider57's Review: Sentinel Prime

Sentinel Prime
Faction: Autobot
Function: Former Autobot Leader
Alternate Mode: Rosenbauer Panther Fire Truck

Sentinel Prime-- An odd piece of TF History, depending on how you look at him. There are three images I now have of Sentinel Prime: The former leader introduced in the comics ( War Within and The G1 Transformers), that handed down the matrix to Optimus Prime, The "Magnus Wannabe" in Animated, and now, the onetime leader turned traitor of the Autobots. I happen to have a mini-figure of the last character of the three. Do I care for this characterization? Not exactly. I wish to remember Sentinel as a loyal leader. Yet, as warm and fuzzy as it sounds, Michael Bay has once again slaughtered the original intent of the character of a transformer. Notwithstanding, I have a little to say about the figure.
I liked the idea of having Sentinel Prime in the third movie. Leonard Nimoy was a natural , since he played Galvatron in 1986. Nimoy is one of my favorite actors of all time, just maybe not my favorite voice actor ( kudos to Peter Cullen!) To look at the figure ( in Leader Class form ) is awesome. In size comparison, I think he is perhaps the largest of the leaders. He has some stark weapon choices ( What's with the Klingon
Batleth? (Sp Suspect)). I just have to say that even the mini-figure lived up to my expectations.
Robot Mode: Sentinel stands head and shoulders above all other Mini-figs of this line. He's tall, imposing, wide bodied , and chock full of weapons and features that make you thing that this could have easily qualified as a deluxe figure if not for the diminutive size.He has excellent articulation, to boot. His appearance in robot mode is rather imposing. he has a rather large chest for such a small figure. Detail is amazing for such a little runt. He has a great face and excellent proportions. There is some cause for concern in the transformation of such a figure-- mostly in the arms. You have to contort the arms in such a way as to jeopardize the ball joints ( yes, it can happen) and to eventually break this at either the arm or chest. The entire upper body during transformation must be done carefully, or it could backfire and either take more time or ruin the figure completely.
The legs are straightforward, without nary a hitch. The "cape" halves as well as the entire backplate are very tricky when attaching the shield/water cannon. Looking at the fully transformed robot gives a certain "aura" of majesty and power. The fact that weapons are included with this class, and not with many deluxes makes me wonder why I didn't stop with legends class TF's.
Alternate Mode: This is a formidable vehicle indeed. The first impression I had when looking at the vehicle was a feeling that we might see Inferno or Hot Spot in the third movie. No, we got Sentinel Prime. I suppose the Fire Truck isn't a bad choice of alt modes. This is the best fire truck I have seen since Ladder 49. Just looking at the alt mode makes me think that no wonder Optimus didn't really have a fair fight advantage on this bot. The features look very authentic except for those black windows in the cab section. Of course, we are talking about a mini-fig here, not even a deluxe. Yet all things weighed, this isn't a bad package at all. The problem I have with the vehicle (yes, I know-- mini-fig) is the water cannon. You can't raise and lower it. You can't even use it as Sentinel's robot gun. It makes an awesome sheild, but I'm a little bummed out on the lack of adaptability in this regard only.
Sentinel is not a bad figure in the least. I love this mold, and yes, I would welcome an Ultra Magnus repaint of this figure. I like this dude lots. If you can get past the let-down of the sheild/water cannon deal, like I have, then this will be a great figure for you. High points of this figure are the weapons as well as the articulation. Lows-- well, are there really any true lows? Not really. It's a great figure with a great color scheme. It looks awesome any way you turn it.
This will probably be my only Sentinel, since I have relegated my collection to anything smaller than a Voyager for storage sake. His shape makes him easy to store. His weapons , though very prominent on the figure in both modes, are well placed on the alt mode. I have stated in past reviews that if you don't have certain figures to go get them. The only way I will say that about Sentinel Jr. is if you are in the same predicament as I and need storage space above all. Otherwise, try for at least the Voyager, since that is the most collectible size class for most.
Points out of 10 for the following:
Transformation: 7 Arms are a tad difficult on this mold. The "cape" Pieces are a bit frustrating. Otherwise, transformationwise, he's definitely a Prime.
Durability:7 Is it just me, or do I see problems about 3 months ahead of anyone who plays with this guy on a regular basis. The arms and chest are the weak points--especially since you have to contort the arms just so in order to get the proper poses.I already broke off his thumb!
Aesthetics: 8 Not a bad appearance,especially from a mini-fig.The big "Klingon" blade looks awkward in vehicle mode. The face was never a huge turn-on, but the rest of him looks rather regal.
Packaging: 6 Not a huge fan. No tech specs. If you want to make these little'uns more respectable, add tech specs.
Price: 7 Bought $8 at Zellers. Best price so far, which means realistically, they need to drop $1.50 before they are a great buy.
Fun: 9 A fair amount of fun for all the poses and weapons and play beatings on lil' Optimus and Megs. Who doesn't want a fire truck in a TF collection.
Articulation: 8 Though he has remarkable articulation for his size, he is not the best of this class. I would like to see either Optimus or Megs in this size class, but due to the back-plate, the articulation is conservative.
Overall: 8 An aggressive looking little dude! I hear these are a limited bunch, so if you collect minis, get this one for your collection's sake. Otherwise, try to get the Voyager.
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