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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

Numbat's review of: G1 Flash (1992 European Exclusive)

Name: Flash
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Decoy
Sub-Group: Turbomasters

Quote: ?

Tech Spec: ?

The Turbomasters and Predators mark the end of G1, with leaflets existing with this line on one side, and the first of G2 on the other. They were available in Europe in 1992, and included a range of molds – some well received (e.g. Skyquake – later repainted as Machine Wars Starscream and Universe King Atlas) and others not so popular (e.g. Thunder Clash – later repainted as Machine Wars Optimus Prime). Flash, one of the smaller molds, has never been released in any other guise.

Alternate Mode:

Flash’s alternate mode is a rather sleek red car, which reminds me somewhat of Hot Rod. Measuring 4 ½” (11.5cm), he’s not a bad size.

There’s a decent amount of detailing on the mold, for the era, but little paint application or different coloured plastics. Royal blue fins, and the navy blue gun case are the extent, excluding the bright yellow missiles which can clip to his sides. Stickers bring out further details, such as the ‘warning’ pattern along the side, Autobot symbol, gun detailing, lights, and, most prominently, the eagle on the bonnet. The headlights and windscreen are molded in clear red plastic, which can look a little too much with the red body.

The main negative is the fact that the robot mode head is visible through the windscreen.

Otherwise, this is one of the better Turbomaster alternate modes in this size range. (Although who would like to have 'Decoy' as their job title?)

Robot Mode:

Although the transformation is relatively simple, it is satisfying. The resultant robot mode is quite pleasing, and it’s great that the legs separate!

The robot mode measures in at 5” (13cm), and has a far better colour balance than the alternate. The red is broken up by off-navy blue in the body, upper legs, upper arms and head. The face is painted silver, and light piping is used to great effect with the glowing red/pink eyes. The mold shows off a lot more detail, particularly on the body and lower legs (where the gun was placed in car mode). Stickers bring out details again, with some random green squares, rectangles and polygons showing. A yellow sticker denotes the crest on Flash’s head, but this rubs in the transformation, and mine has ripped. I have, in fact, seen very few with an intact yellow crest sticker – if they’re lucky enough to even have one at all!

Proportions are good, unlike many Transformers of this era, although articulation is very poor. The arms bend at the elbows, and can be moved upwards linearly as if flapping to fly (as a result of the transformation). The gun has a moveable handle, which helps with posing, but the positions are still extremely limited.

There is a strange concave in the chap’s back, but I doubt many of us by Transformers on the basis of how great their backs look!

I do particularly like the shoulders, formed by the windscreen and doors of the car, and the way the wheels fit in by the chest. It just looks cool.

As with all Turbomasters and Predators, the gun is phenomenal – firing the projectile miles! Mind your eyes! Alas, the missiles are very small, so I have lost one of the three. But, clipped to the legs in robot mode, they always did look daft.

All in all, this is not a bad example of the Turbomasters era.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Transformation: 7 – It’s not difficult, but I like it.
Durability: 7 – Pretty solid, with all joints still stiff after 14 years. Still, maybe some are still a little too stiff, which can be worrying. The rubbing of crest sticker on the head is a definite negative, and the ease of losing the wee missiles.
Fun: 7 – He’s a lot of fun, really – mostly thanks to the nice robot mode and amazing Turbomaster weapon!
Price: 6 – He is a European release, so he doesn’t kick about as often as other older Transformers. Still, you can pick him up at a fairly reasonable price considering – although quality is not necessarily the best (£2 / $3.80, without stickers or weapon or missiles). I’ve never seen complete one for sale, so can’t comment on quality price.
Overall: 7 – If you find one in good nick at a decent price, then I’d recommend Flash to fans of the era.

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