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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:
Technical Specifications:

Alternator Swindle's review of: Goldbug

Name: Goldbug
Faction: Autobot
Function: Espionage Director
Sub-Group: Throttlebots
ďTo know others you must know yourself first.Ē

Has the mind of Bumblebee, but new, improved body. More serious, assertive, mature than he was. Realizes what the others think of him isnít nearly as important as what he thinks of himself. Excellent fuel efficiency; 2 Ĺ times better than the next best Throttlebot. Adaptable to underwater, cold and hot environments. Can withstand temperatures from 150 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

Well, my friend Erik gave me this three days ago and to tell you the truth I never even considered getting this. But since I got it and it isnít reviewed I plan on doing it... and I have to admit he really is growing on me.

Alternate Mode:
Goldbug is a nice gold VW Beetle with a friction motor which sends him twelve feet or so before he hit something or stops. The stickers are wearing now because it was in a box for twenty years but I donít mind that. With a toy this size there isnít too much detail... but this guy may surprise you, he has vents under his windshield, a license plate spot on the back, and a lot of small extra lines for some reason.

He is pocket-sized but will you really want to be seen with him? He also has those thermal things on this roof which, when its ninety-five degrees outside, means all of your G1 toys are displaying their symbols.

Now to transform him you must... 1) Open the little door things on each side. 2) Lift him up and notice that the back wheels are hanging down. Pull those down. 3) Now, the moment of anticipation: flip the top down. (Heavenly choir sings.)

Robot Mode:
Not much to say here, the thermal symbol is on his chest now, the doors just sit there and do nothing and the friction motor still goes but with less vigor. The head is nice the mouth plate has some vents in as if to let out sound. The ears have vents to let sound out, the forehead has vents to cool him in hot weather and the eyes are one massive piece so he has ďWIDESCREEN VISION.Ē

Articulation-wise he has NONE whatsoever -- only his doors and trunk piece move and thatís Ďcuz they have to for him to transform.

Transformation: 9- Very nice and does him justice and so simple it isnít any challenge: a true-fan-can-do-it-in-the-dark one.
Durability: 6- The motor can break and so can the tires. The trunk piece can also break off in a good fall or stepping on.
Fun: 3- After a couple of wind-ups with the friction motor youíll get tired with him and put him back on your shelf.
Price: 10- Donít know how much they went for in 1986... Iím guessing six dollars but mine was free!
Summary: 7- Nice vehicle mode and a poor robot mode. But if you like VWs and Bumblebee youíll probably like him.
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