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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Numbat's review of: Hosehead

Name: Hosehead
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Emergency Rescue
Sub-Group: Headmasters (‘Junior’)

Quote: "If at first you don't succeed, keep trying."

A clear case of crossed cerebral circuits. Means well, but his good intentions often get him into trouble. Tends to do the right thing at the wrong time, like rescuing people after they're already saved. Eager to help in any situation. Binary-bonded to the Nebulan, Lug, a former all-star athlete. Armed with accelerator rifle which makes targets speed up uncontrollably. Range: 6 miles. Also equipped with two laser pistols.

Hosehead is a member of a trio, made up of Nightbeat, Siren, and himself. They were available in 1988, and the Japanese versions are known as the Headmaster ‘Juniors’. According to the Japanese storyline, these Transformers were all bonded with teenagers, explaining the smaller size of both the Transformer and the Nebulon companion.

I have owned all three over the ages, although Hosehead came into my possession through my younger brother.

They are a relatively interesting group, if not particularly exciting (at least in my opinion).

Hosehead does have the strange fact that he possesses bugger-all skill, and an accelerator rifle… How on Earth thought that one up? ‘Decepticons, you better watch out, or I’ll speed you up till you’re moving faster than the speed of light!’.

Would you like such a fellow as your emergency rescue?

Alternate Mode:

Hosehead’s alternate mode is a fire engine. Measuring in at around 6 ½” (15.5cm), it is predominantly red, with a dark grey ladder, and black windows.

The mold has nice detailing, and a gun can be flipped up from the ladder. For whatever reason – I do particularly like the two projecting bumpers.

The designers were careful to hide the robot legs using flaps of red plastic. Unfortunately, these do not meet up, so they only hide the grey of the legs, rather than the form itself. This results in an unnatural split behind the cab of the truck.

(Still, I'll give the designers a higher mark than those who designed the electrics in my work vehicle - a Renault Kangoo - just for effort.)

Although not matching G1 Inferno, by any means, this is still a fairly decent fire engine mode. The biggest let down, aside from the legs, is the fact that there is no canopy for Lug, Hosehead’s companion.

Whereas the other Headmaster Juniors have canopies in which their companions can sit, Lug is condemned to sit over the leg-split, in his chair, which does rather spoil the scale and realism of the alternate mode. Likewise, if you should so decide to attaché the three weapons, you end up with the most heavily armed fire truck, until the advent of Galaxy Convoy. (Alas, I did not inherit all three guns.)

I am unable to comment of sticker details, as, for whatever reason, my brother did not apply the (he would have been four, so that could go partway in explanation…)

Robot Mode:

Hosehead’s transformation – albeit the most complicated of the Headmaster Juniors – is hardly taxing. Legs flip down, flaps on the legs out, hands fold out, head clips in.

The result stands around 7” (18cm) tall, and red is again the colour of the day. Articulation is abysmal, as you would expect, with only the arms rotating. The flaps on the lower legs definitely detract from the robot mode, as do the red flaps on the grey legs.

Detailing is nice, though, but once again, I am unable to comment on the stickers.

Lug’s seat can become a helmet, and small pistols can then be attached to the side. Although one of these pistols was gone by the time my brother passed the fellow my way, I can assure you that the whole concept looks ridiculous.

Like other Headmasters, there is a chart on Hosehead’s chest which reveals his speed, strength and intelligence. Unlike the original Headmasters, these bars are all oriented downwards – simpler in principle, although the effort to provide upright bars would hardly have been costly, and would have made a big difference.

Hosehead’s head is one of the better Headmaster efforts, with nice detailing and good use of colour.


Lug, Hosehead’s companion, does not suffer from lack of detail, but most certainly is damaged by lack of articulation. Only his legs move, allowing the transformation into the head. His arms, like those of his contemporaries, are molded in place.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Transformation: 4 – Very simple for the time and size of figure. However, Hosehead is fairly unique, and far better conceived than the other Headmaster ‘Juniors’.
Durability: 8 – The fellow would get a ten, if it weren’t for the three guns (two tiny), helmet and companion which can all be easily lost.
Fun: 3 - He’s hardly exciting, and does not make a great display piece. Still, he’s got the best transformation of the bunch, and a decent alternate mode.
Price: 5 – Hosehead seems to go from around £7.00 ($13.00), but I am unsure how much he would cost complete.
Overall: 4 – It’s really your call, based on preference and collection aims. He came my way so as I could sell him on, and I personally had no inclination to buy him myself. Still, I can see the appeal.

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