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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
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Cassettacon 27's review of: Ravage

Name: Ravage
Allegiance: Decepticons
Function: Saboteur
Sub-Group: Decepticon Cassettes
"Today's Autobots are tomorrow's scrap metal."

Ravage operates best alone. A creature of the night. Craftiest of all Decepticons. Adept at devising deadly new strategies. Remains aloft from others, but his deeds command their respect. Can virtually escape detection -- emits an electromagnetic emissions shield, has soundless walk, disappears in subdued light or shadow. Carries 2 powerful heat-seeking missiles. Light-sensitive, can be blinded.

I got Ravage at the 2005 Transformerscon with all the parts, and in great condition. A lucky grab since he is very rare, and one of the most, if not the most popular cassette from G1. His popularity was increased even more due to his cameo in the Beast Wars TV show. This little guy is one of my favorite Transformers, so I thought I'd review him.

For starters, a little background... Ravage is one of the first Transformers toys, as well as one of the original Microman. His mold was designated MC02 and he came in either blue or black. The black model became the Ravage we all know today... as for the blue model, e-Hobby has since released him as a Transformer under the name Howlback.

Cassette Mode:
A very well put together toy. Small and a little bulky, but he still looks amazing (especially when put inside Soundwave's cassette chest.) It has great paint detail, making him look like a real micro cassette.

The missiles can still be put in the cassette holes while in this mode, however, if you want him to keep the illusion of a real mini-cassette, keep the missiles out. But be warned, the missiles are pretty small, so they can easily be lost.

Jaguar Mode:
To transform Ravage, it is very easy: swing the head and tail away from the center of the body. Next swing his rear legs away from his body, then do the same with his front legs. Then place both missiles in opposite sides the rear cassette hole.

Another truly remarkable mode. Ravage's robot mode is a Jaguar (although some still refer to him as a panther.) In this mode Ravage looks almost identical to the models that were used in the comic and cartoon, which is nice to see because a few of the original Transformers toys were not show/comic accurate. Another factor kept from the show and comic is his small size, allowing him to be the perfect Decepticon spy. All of Ravage's legs and feet are capable of moving, which helps create some great poses. His head is jointed at the neck and his tail can move up and down as well.

I only have one complaint with this mode: only one side of his body is colored! The other side is entirely black, which is a shame. You would think that they would at least give him another eye, but sadly no. Other than the one side being painted and detailed, I have no problems with Ravage.

Transformation: 3- Not extremely hard, but you have to make sure his legs are aligned in order for him to fit inside Soundwave or Soundblaster.
Durability: 8- Very durable. I got the 1984 version in 2005, and it's like he's just been taken out of the box. However the legs have been known to slide forward every now and then.
Fun: 9- It's Ravage! Great to pose and transform, as well as to launch him from Soundwave or Soundblaster.
Price: 8- Pretty expensive. I was lucky to get mine complete for $25 Canadian. However, I've seen several incomplete Ravages for $50, $75, even as high as $125 Canadian. Prices can vary, depends if you're looking on eBay or at conventions.
Summary: 8- If you can find him, get him! You'll love him. A rare Transformer due to his popularity, but worth every penny.
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