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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Alternate Mode:
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ganon578's review: Tantrum

Name: Tantrum
Function: Fueler
Allegiance: Decepticon

ďAnger gets me running better than any other fuel.Ē

Tantrum prefers using brute force and threats in situations in which reason would suffice. He's been known to knock a building down when all he had to do was turn a doorknob to get inside. He builds himself up into such overheated rages that steam puffs out of his nasal ducts. No one knows the source of Tantrum's chronic fits of anger, but his fellow Predacons suspect a fuel line in his cerebro-center isn't feeding properly into his logic circuitry, making him incapable of acting rationally for sustained periods. Everyone who's offered to help repair this problem has only succeeded in becoming another unfortunate victim of it. As Tantrum is fond of saying, "I don't like anyone messing around inside my head!" To dissipate his aggressive energies, Tantrum will usually attack objects like highway trestles and small buildings. He usually demolishes these structures with one blow, but always feels better afterwards.

As you see in the pictures, Tantrum transforms into a bull. Heís actually a Predacon, part of Predaking. I never had the other Predacons, but I still liked Tantrum, as he was a Christmas present back when I was a kid. Heís pretty cool looking, but he doesnít have many moving parts. I lost his weapons long ago (which were a gold sword and black blaster), and have yet to replace them. Hereís the reviewÖ

Alternate Mode:

Tantrum transforms into a bull, and can also be transformed into one leg of Predaking. In his bull form, Tantrum is very stout (which is good, since bulls are stout). Heís got some good coloring; his body is mainly orange, and he has red legs and a red head, which is quite fitting for a short-tempered bull. Also in this mode, his gray rocket pack fits into his back, giving him giant blasters and a good way to speed up his charge for fighting. For a different look, you can remove the jet pack and flip a small plate over, which makes the top of his shoulders a little bigger, and more like a real bull.
One drawback in his alternate mode, however, is his complete lack of movement. The only thing you can do with him is tilt his head up and down, and fold his front two legs under. Other than that, heís quite immovable. Heís more like a statue in this mode than anything.

Robot Mode:

This mode is OK for Tantrum, but again, there really isnít much going on here. While in robot mode, Tantrum is much taller, but you canít do much to move his legs aside from tilting his feet. His arms are pretty sturdy, and click into position whether at the shoulder or elbow joints. Heís actually got some really cool enlarged gray forearms, which make him look strong in this mode, and heís also barrel-chested, which adds to his girth and makes him look like a formidable opponent for any Autobot. His face doesnít contain much detail, but I guess thatís good if youíre just a crushing machine. No need for facial expressions. His color palette is pretty cool though, as heís mostly orange with some red, and then his legs and arms are black, which gives some welcome contrast. I live the gray forearms too, it breaks things up a bit. Another thing that is good is when heís in this mode, the bull legs are tucked behind his back and legs, so you canít see them at all. Aside from the bull horns on his head, you wouldnít have a clue what he turns into in this mode. Overall, I would have to say Tantrumís robot mode is his better mode.

Transformation: 4. Not at all tricky, but hiding the legs is clever.
Durability: 10. Nothing is going to break on this bull.
Fun: 4. Good if youíre a Predacon fan, not much good for those of you who arenít. Thereís just not that much going on in either mode.
Price: 7. Cheap on eBay, especially if you get him loose.
Overall: 6. Unless youíre trying to complete your collection, are a fan of Predaking, or are fond of animals, thereís not a whole lot to recommend here.

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