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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Alternate Mode:
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Ravimus' review of: Blaze

Name: Blaze
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Hit Man
"You are only as good as your performance - and that can always be bettered."

Blaze is a G2 European exclusive. He's a recolour of the Sparkabot* Fizzle, which was released 6 years before him. Blaze is a relatively unknown transformer. He wasn't in any fiction and didn't come with tech specs. And that's the way it should be. He's really not far from a McDonald's toy. Read on if you will.

*Sparkabots are sort of like the adopted brothers of the Throtlebots and cousins to the minibots.

Vehicle Mode:
Blaze is some kind of drag racer in his alternate mode. You can even tell from this mode that he's a G2 transformer, with the translucent blue, lime green and purple colouring scheme, along with the sticker showing the G2 Autobot symbol. He also has racing stripes on the side of the driving cab, which make him slightly better looking.

You can pull back on him and he'll roll forward, not unlike anything you'd get in a happy meal. Sparks are supposed to fly out of the back, but this never worked too well on mine. Overall, the vehicle mode looks really "kiddish". But believe it or not it's the better of the two modes.

Robot Mode:
Blaze is a very small brick in robot mode. He only has two points of articulation. He can move both arms at his shoulders. You can create some poses like: greeting someone; punching someone; shaking his fist at someone… but that's it. His legs are one piece, and not even just the lower parts: his thighs are moulded together as well.

His head sculpt is fairly generic and is nothing special. You can also see more of those great G2 colours in this mode. More lime green can be seen on his legs, body and head with purple used on his face and translucent blue for the arms. Very garish indeed. Blaze only has minor detailing on his chest and arms, which really isn't good enough.

Transformation: 1.5. Yep, easier than a minibot.
Durability: 10. It is a small chunky brick, I've had mine for ten years now and nothing's broken.
Fun: 1. The wind back-go forward gimmick wouldn't satisfy a child for 5 minutes.
Price: 3. I paid about 20p for it. I can't find it on eBay at the moment so I assume it's very rare.
Overall: 1. Really a terrible toy. A whole rank below the Minibots and about on par with Throttlebots. If you've decided you like it, you'll have to go to car boot sales all over Europe to find one. But really, I don't recommend it.

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