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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:
Technical Specifications:

Dennis's review of: G2 Combat Hero Megatron

Name: Megatron
Faction: Decepticon
Function: Leader
"Peace through tyranny!"

Megatron is a combination of brute strength, military cunning, ruthlessness and terror. He aches to return to Cybertron to complete his conquest after destroying all the Autobots on Earth and capturing Earth resources. He's incredibly powerful and intelligent and fires a nuclear charged fusion cannon. He can also link to inter-dimensionally a black hole and draw anti-matter from it for use as a weapon. Megatron has no known weaknesses.

This is one of the merciless leader of the Decepticons' best incarnations. The second tank Megatron from Generation 2, Combat Hero Megatron, is very much alike the big tank Megatron, and has an almost identical transformation sequence, but also has added articulation.

Vehicle Mode:
It's a clean design with a good paintjob with the black camouflage against the purple used for the main body, except for the blue tank treads. He who thought that blue would have been a great color for tank treads was not right... it's only a mediocre paint choice.

There's a good amount of detail in the design, and all weaponry can be stored on the tank sides (there's foldable holders in the sides for the missiles, and the hand gun fits in a hole on the top). In the middle of the non-moving gun turret is the main weapon, which is an air-pressure missile launcher. Simply remove the bright orange are pump that's located on the back and smash it with your fist, and the missile flies away. This is a mode that would suit a modern Warpath.

Robot Mode:
Again, this is a mode that would suit a modern Warpath (with a little head resculpting, of course). There's a good amount of articulation in this mode, as he can move his shoulders with the help of turning and bending joints. The same goes for the elbows and hips, and he can rotate at the waist and bend his knees. There's also some head movement with a rotational joint.

In addition to the black and purple, there's now a bit of grey visible in the waist and lower arms. The missile function is still works, and the launcher slides to the side of the head which looks very good. Also, the head is very Megatron.

Transformation: 3. Very simple.
Durability: 9. Nothing is fragile, but the joints get loose very quick.
Fun: 9. Great toy with lots of articulation and a blasting missile launcher.
Price: X. I don't know what it would cost; I got mine for Christmas.
Overall: 9.5. This is one of the best Megs ever.
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