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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

ravimus prime's review of: G2 "Leozack"

Name: not named or given a bio on the card
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: ?
Sub-Group: Rescue Force

Taken from the Japanese toyline Victory, the six gestalt components that made up Liokaiser, and recoloured into the Rescue force and released as part of the G2 line only to be released in the UK. But it's not a simple repaint. They actually took away members and parts from the Transformers. They could now longer fully form a gestalt. As well as that, the original transformers were part of the Breastforce: meaning they came with little animal figures that transformed into guns, and breastplates that they could wear. They were removed and all that was left were little guns. Leozack was my first Transformer ever, and at the time when I got him, I liked him. It's a different story now.

Vehicle Mode:
A jet in vehicle mode. Nothing special really. The main colours here are red, white with yellow and black striping on the wings. Leozack can move his landing gear up and down. His wings can also move back and forward, like the G2 cyberjet, Hooligan. He also came with stickers, but I'm not a fan of stickers. They could have easily painted on the details. That's all to it really. No gimmicks, no fun accessories. Just an average jet alt' mode.

Robot Mode:
A brick with wings. A way to describe Leozack's robot mode. Not much poseability at all. The arms can move 180 degrees. The legs can move a bit at the hips. One major drawback of his robot mode is that his lower legs are one piece. Fairly common for gestalt components though. But usually you could combine the gestalt components together. Not in this case. There really is nothing going for Leozack. But at least Hasbro decided to give this miserable transformer a gun. A small red gun can be put in his hands, which still doesn't save him.

Transformation: 1. Yes that simple and not very well thought out.
Durability: 10. Solid as a Brick.
Fun: 2. No fun gimmicks, accessories or poseability.
Price: 1. Insulting. $30 for this truly is not worth it.
Overall: 2. Overall, this is a failure. It was designed to be part of a gestalt. The key gimmick of combiners was that they could form a gestalt. The individual components were never supposed to be great, or have a lot of play value. Without the ability to form a gestalt, or the breastformers, it just doesn't work.
I wholeheartedly don't recommend this. I just can't. Fans always search for Rescue Force simply because it's rare. If you are the kind of collector who would pay for something rare and leave it carded, then get it if you want.
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