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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

numbat's review of: 'G1'/G2 Rotorstorm (European exclusive)

Name: Rotorstorm
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Guide & Strategician
Sub-Group: Turbomaster
"Get into your enemy's mind. And then beat him at his own evil game."

The only airborne Turbomaster. Ruthless and without fear. Through his supertechnology, eavesdrops on Decepticon communications and predicts their evil plans. Uses an extra sense 'Dodge' to guide the Turbomaster ground team through danger. Feared and respected by even the most hardened Decepticon for his brilliance and speed. As helicopter, swoops into battle, to do terrible damage with two turbines and seven missiles. As robot, thunders impressively through all in his path with hand held turbo power.

Rotorstorm is a cool Transformer. He can be viewed as either the beginnings of G2, or the end of G1 (which seems to be the more common place for the Turbomasters and Predators). I insist he is genuine G2 though, as I have him on a leaflet with other G2 figures, such as Clench, and I can’t see how you could have a leaflet with two defined lines together like that. Frankly, he was great fun when I got him as a kid (1992), and was a wonderful rediscovery when I ransacked my collection back home in Edinburgh. I know he has had two more recent incarnations (repaints) as Sandstorm (Machine Wars, 1997), and Whirl (Universe, 2004). Sandstorm has a good alternate mode, and ok robot, while Whirl is just, plainly, an abomination. Neither of these live up to the original, which is an excellent Transformer.

Alternate Mode:
Rotorstorm’s alternate mode is a helicopter, as might well be expected! Like most Turbomasters, he has a lot of fluorescent pink on him – both transparent and solid. Combined with the light blue, navy blue and silver colouration, it actually works very well (as the photos show!). The yellow missiles and details really just add to this. The mode is actually almost perfect – the only detractor being the visible hands at the rear of the tail. By pressing a button behind the rotor blades, the missile launchers flip down into an attack position – which is a really nice touch.

Robot Mode:
Rotorstorm’s transformation is unique (ignoring his repaints). The tail splits in two, and flips up towards the cockpit, while the underside of the copter unfolds, becoming the legs. The arms flip down, the tails bends back, and the cockpit comes down, revealing the head. Very nice.

The robot form is brilliant. The colour scheme really comes into its own here, balancing perfectly. The navy blue legs & arms contast nicely with the light blue body, while the silver chest highlights the whole shebang. The various touches of pink are quite nice, and the glowing eyes, as always, rule. I have to admit, I particularly like the reverse-etched Autobot insignia on the cockpit / chest-piece.

His missile launchers detach, and nicely fit in each hand. And they do fire. Very far. Very fast. The Turbomasters have easily the most powerful spring loaded weapons I have ever encountered in ANY toy line. And it is fun! Just gotta watch you don’t lose ALL those missiles!

Now, the downsides all amount to one thing, really – ARTICULATION. There’s very little. He can move up and down at the shoulders, forwards at the elbows, forwards at the thighs, and bend at the knees. That’s it. And the worst part? He has a bolt right through his knees, joining both legs. I have absolutely NO idea as to why the designers had to do this. The knees can both move independently, but it interferes with leg movement in general, and looks daft.

Still, these annoyances aside, Rotorstorm looks great on display (standing a nice 7” tall), as long as you can strike a pose you’re happy with!

Transformation: 7 – Pretty easy, but well designed, and certainly unique.
Durability: 10 – He’s going strong (since 1992), and I’ve never been afraid he might break.
Fun: 8 – He is great fun! And his missiles fire amazingly fast and far! The only down point is his knees – which do influence play value.
Price: Frankly, I’m not so sure. The only example I’ve found on ebay went for £1.50 – which I would say is damned good considering he’s a European exclusive…
Overall: 7 – I think he’s a fantastic Transformer, but I am aware that others do not. I guess it all depends on your opinion. He’s certainly the best of the three versions of this mold. If you agree with me, I’d say you should pick him up if possible, and for a reasonable price!
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