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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Zeoman4.5's review: Seaspray

Name Seaspray
Function Naval Defense
Group G2 Minibot Autobots

" Be unyielding as the ocean waves and your enemies shall fall. "

Displays a zest for his job unmatched by fellow Autobots. Loves the
ocean and its creatures. Unhappy when he returns to land and
reverts to robot form. Loves the thrill of naval battle. Can go
120 knots, 4000 mile range. Has sonar radar and underwater
surface-to-air lasers, also used in robot mode. Wheels allow
limited land travel. Not too strong or mobile as robot.

Seaspray was one of the Minibots who appeared in season two of the original
Transformers show. He was uniquely known for his garbled voice, meant to
sound as though he was talking under water, at all times. Being the only
sea fairing Transfomer, until the arrival of Broadside a year later, Seaspray
was constantly fending off huge numbers of Decepticons by himself. His
tenacity and courage are the reasons why he is one of my favorite G1
characters. On to the 90's, when Hasbro needing to cash in on the
popularity of the original series recolor and repackage numerous G1 figures
and sell them as a new series Generation 2. So Seaspray along with three
others (Bumblebee, Hubcap, and Beachcomber) were brought out during the
second year of G2's selling run. Or at least thats what Hasbro wanted most
to believe. Actually the idea for the G2 versions of the Minicars was originally
used for a set of Christmas ornaments that were given as gifts to the people
working on the Transformers projects during 1986 selling year. Yes these
were supposed to be decorations for a Christmas tree, thats why they are
covered with the same vacuumized chrome as Christmas bulbs. In recent
years the only Transformer to be seen with the name Seaspray has been
one of the Ocean Minicons from Transformers Armada. I actually really enjoy
this guy and would be doing cartwheels if Hasbro decided to make a Classics
or Universe version of him. If your still reading this then you must
be either nearly as big a fan of Seaspray as myself or absolutely board. Either way here goes...

Vehicle Mode
Well if you didn't get it from the long explanation of his character above,
Seaspray is a boat. He is a search and rescue boat. He has a
pair of yellow propellers on his back and a white crew area. The remainder
of his boat form is a dark chrome blue. His front windows are merely holes.
He rides on top of a set of wheels allowing for him to function on smooth
surfaces. There are a lot of small details in his moulding as well. To be honest
he is very basic, most Transformers of his day were. There is fun in his
simplicity though. I really appreciate that. Its not super displayable, although
he does actually look nice as a Christmas ornament. I really like to just mess
around with him, there are many a day were I just sit for hours at a time
rolling him around and changing him. He's just simple fun.

Robot Mode
Let me just start by saying this has got to be the easiest Transformer to
change in my entire collection. I only need to grasp the back and pull out and
up to get him into robot mode. His rear propeller section now exposes his
small head, clad in a black visor and yellow face plate. His body is all white
with a pair of metallic stickers on either side. His arms are chrome blue and
rounded on the outside, with his small, flat, four fingered hands. His yellow legs lead down to what was his front boat section, now his connected feet. He has a black stripe on his right leg with the word Autobot and a small G2 badge on it. His only points of articulation are in his shoulders, like most G1 moulds. Honestly, he's nothing special. He's plain, small, and not very articulated. However he can still be fun to mess around with and even to play mock battles with. It encourages you to imagine, which in the long run is why I got into TFs in the first place. He is the basic value of all Transformers, a changing robot/vehicle.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Transformation 2 So easy, quick, and fun.
Durability 8 Mine has seen a lot of play and still is holding together.
Fun 6 If you don't have an over active imagination he's very plain and
hard to do much with. If you do than he can be super fun.
Price 8 They are not all that much, between $5-$15 depending.
Overall 6 It's really hard for me to put a numerical value on how much
I like Seaspray. If mine were broken, I would truly be sad for he is a good
little TF, but on the grander scale of things he is not the most important or
the best TF ever. He suits me just fine though, so if you're looking for a faithful little Autobot to help you pass the time, get one.
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