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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:
Technical Specifications:

numbat's review of: G2 Skyjack

Name: Skyjack
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Spy
Sub-Group: Cyberjet

Quote: “Trust me if you dare!”

Rumored to be sympathetic to the Autobot cause - once photographed meeting with Optimus Prime. In reality, a master spy who can’ t be trusted. He’ll buy you a glass of high-octane turbo juice one minute, then steal secrets from you the next. Activates stealth armor to cloak body from Autobot radar. Practices shooting at cars with missile launcher alongside his mentor, Dreadwing.

It’s not an usual statement to say ‘I love the Cyberjets!’ And, to be honest (and controversial), I don’t. There are some great ones, but others fell short in my view. Skyjack is one of the great ones though – hence he still has a firm place in my collection.

He’s certainly had more than his fair share of recolours, as far as Cyberjets go. Aside from this, his Western 1995 version, he has been available as Skyjack (Japan, with sticker sheet, 1995), Cyberjet Air Raid (1995), Universe Air Raid (2004) and Delta Seeker (2004) (available with X-Gunner as RM-20, 2004) – all recolours. None of these have ever come close to this version’s colour scheme.

Alternate Mode:

His alternate mode is an F117A, with a 4” (10cm) nose to tail measurement.

He’s predominantly black, with a red and yellow crush pattern along his rear and tail plane.

A sticker on each side proclaims the jet as an FB-117. The cockpit is brought out in clear yellow.

There is nice, but minimal mold detailing along the plane. Still, anymore would have detracted from the geometric stealth design.

There’s retractable landing gear, as you’d hope from this era of Transformer (why don’t we expect it anymore?), which is good for display in plane mode.

The underside does reveal one arm and his legs, but this does not overly distract from the quality of the alternate mode.

The most serious negative is undoubtedly the claw arm as the tail plane. This looks daft, and is seriously stupid when a missile is placed in the claw.

This is why I choose to display Skyjack with only two missiles – both attached to his wings.

Robot Mode:

The transformation is exceptionally pleasing. Not only is it asymmetrical, but is also has an unexpected twist.

The resulting robot mode measures 4 ½” (11cm) tall, which is quite a nice size.

The robot reveals fluorescent red arm, leg and waist sections, but is otherwise solid black. The flash of the crush pattern is welcome on the right forearm shield.

The head is beautifully detailed, and the yellow light-piping works brilliantly. He certainly comes across as mysterious – neither good nor evil. Perfect for a spy, and an earlier version of Sideways.

Being a Cyberjet, Skyjack’s articulation is excellent, with eight ball joints and one hinge (at his left elbow). His balance is perfect, and the display poses are almost endless.

The yellow missiles, again, work better as a duo than the supplied trio in this mode.

The launcher (being the flexible plastic of the right claw hand) does work well, with the elastic tension sending the light missile quite far, but with little serious force.

Overall, this is a pleasing figure that looks great on display.

Skyjack looks great alongside his mentor, Dreadwing, in either mode.

Transformation: 7 – Clever, and very satisfying for such a small figure.
Durability: 6 – He’s fairly fragile, but has held together all these years, so can’t be too bad.
Fun: 7 – Overall, he’s great fun to play with, transform, and display.
Price: 6 – You can pick this chap up from £10.80 - £16.20 ($20 - $30) on his ridiculously oversized card, so he’s not the cheapest, but certainly not over priced. Still glad I got him as a birthday present at the time.
Overall: 7 – He’s a great toy, and my favourite Cyberjet. Still, he’s not the best value ever, and, as with all Cyberjets, he is somewhat fragile.
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