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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Alternate Mode:
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numbat's review of: G2 Terradive

Name: Terradive
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Advance Fighter
Sub-Group: Sky Scorcher
"Why waste good fighting time thinking? Just BLAST your way in!"

He's the solid muscle of the team. Not much brain but tons of brute force. His only thought is to wipe the Autobots from the universe. As a plane, the undercarriage radar targeting system doubles as a powerful weapon. As a robot, he uses it to mow down his sworn enemies.

The Sky Scorchers, released in 1993, are real gems of the G2 line. The all turn into realistic planes through relatively interesting transformations, and have nice robot modes. Also, nicely, their weapons form part of their vehicle, like the Autobot Accelerators, who were their counterparts. And, they certainly are nicer pieces than the Accelerators.

Terradive, in my opinion, is the best of the Sky Scorchers. I’ve had him a long time (since 1993…), and he is always finding his way out on display in the tiniest of flats…

Alternate Mode:
Terradive’s alternate mode is an F-8 Crusader, and is pretty realistic. The colours all work really well – the stark contrast of white on black is brilliant, and the green bombs on the underside go great. And, he is one of the few Sky Scorchers where the transparent fluorescent green canopy works. There’s a little gold eagle on the tail plane, and loads of other stickers giving nice details, and emblazoning the G2 Decepticon symbol on the wings, with a lightning bolt shooting behind it. Not to be outdone, Terradive has retractable undercarriage beneath the nose, although the wheel is moded.

Unfortunately, like a lot of G2 Transformers, the whole beautiful disguise is knocked down by just a single word. Not ‘Transformers’ in this case, like so many, but ‘Decepticon’, printed on the left bomb / leg. Not only do you know it’s a Transformer, but you know his allegiance!

Still, that’s a minor gripe.

A more major one is how stupid the weapon looks attached as his ‘radar targeting system’ under the tail. I personally display him in this mode, sans weapon.

Robot Mode:
Terradive has a totally unique transformation. The wings fold back, the legs fold down, and the entire underside of the plane splits in half revealing the head and arms. Finally, the nose folds down to give that classic chest arrangement.

The colour scheme still works in this mode, and the gold head compliments the whole affair. I particularly love the ‘V’ shaped glowing green face-piece. It lends the whole face a rather cat-like quality.

The overall appearance is quite unique, as well, with the tall shoulder pillars looking quite intimidating. The red knees on the dark-green legs is also a nice touch. Overall, including shoulder pillars, Terradive stands in at 4” tall.

The weapon looks a lot less daft in this mode, although looks alarmingly like a supersoaker water pistol. I hope it’s a little more useful in battle! Or maybe he aims to rust his enemies to death…

That’s strike fear into the metal hearts of the Autobots!

Other downsides include the amount of hollow plastic visible in this mode, and the tail of the plane protruding between the poor fellow’s legs. Still, it helps him balance… He also lacks any visible Decepticon symbol, with the one on his leg now on the inside, and those on his wings folded to face inwards behind him. And, finally, the lack of articulation is a problem for display. He bends at the elbows, and you can move his legs to the sides, and that’s it (unless you want to display him as a ballerina, in which case you can bend his toes further down, and even put him in a pink tutu if that does it for you…).

Still, he’s not all bad – he does look great on display in a simple pose!

Transformation: 7 – It would be a 4 if it weren’t for the fact that folding his legs out can be quite fiddly.
Durability: 8 – I reckon he’s built rather well, but I do fear for his arms on the pin joint, and that joint does rub the white paint as you use it.
Fun: 5 – Nothing spectacular, but he does look nice.
Price: 8 – From what I’ve found on E-Bay, you can pick this guy up for $10 carded, and I’d say that’s damned good. Downside is he isn’t available all that often.
Overall: 4 – Not an essential to most people’s collections, but nice if you like him, Decepticon jets, or if you find him cheap!
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