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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

Shadowfall's Review of Generations Dirge

Faction: Decepticon
Function: Warrior
Conversion: (0-5): 2 - Easy
Colors: Blue, Black, Silver, Gold, Yellowish Orange & Red
Released: 2010

ACC'S: 2 - Missle Launchers and 2 - Missles

Another Seeker in the G1 line, the last of the "Cone Heads" to be produced and
hopefully not the last Seeker to see a Hasbro release.....cough Thundercracker...
The Mold still holds up even after all the castings made though the years, and
the colors and accessories make Dirge an excellent display piece in either Jet or Bot modes.

Although Dirge has had many incarnations throughout the years, this version in my
opinion say for the Henkei (to some) is the definitive version, I prefer the Black
on him to the faded looking gray on the Henkei, but would have preferred a dark
gray somewhat like Classics Ramjet than the black used. Last use of Dirge was
the Botcon version which was nothing more than a repainted Ramjet, this version
outshines that by far, and getting back to the Henkei comparison and a fact the
no one can dispute is that whether or not you like the Takara or Hasbro version,
one thing everyone can agree on, is the new wings, and how they scream Dirge and
make the figure stand apart from the other Seekers.

Dirge also had recent non G1 toy appearances in Tranformers Animated and ROTF,
but both in his original color scheme.

Dirge uses the Classics Starscream mold as a base, like Classics Ramjet he has
a cone head with a molded in face on the bottom (more in Bot Mode), and new wings,
they are completely new molds and not based on Classics Ramjet or
Classics Starscream.

The new Henkei wings look good on this mold, and give him the appropriate look
of the G1 character. Very clean lines and nice paint apps further the G1 look.
Although nice some of the Black molded parts take away from him looking truly
clean, not overwhelmingly noticeable, they are there.

One thing that bugs me about all of these Hasbro releases is the lack of paint
apps on the backs of the forearms that make the sides of the intakes in alt mode,
blue paint would make him streamlined in alt mode without affecting bot mode at all.
But Thrust and Dirge got one thing right that always bugged me, the humps on the
sides of his intake cowls were made the primary body color, unlike Uni Starscream.

In bot mode Dirge looks good, unlike all the other "Seekers" though his thighs
are not the same color as the rest of him, they are black, but still look very good
with the overall appearance of the figure. Very good poseability and has a few loose
joint problems notably in the hips, the arms are nice and tight though.

Now getting back to the "cone head" discussion, the face is part of his alt modes
nose cone, and is considered his entire head, and can be turned slightly from side
to side but has no up or down motion. His Null Rays are from the Classics Starscream
mold and look good on him, I never liked the missiles that Classics Ramjet came with,
so I am glad Dirge came with the thinner, better looking missiles from Screamer.

The wings are based on his G1 styled wings, and like G1 and Classics Ramjet, and
unlike Generations Thrust, 90% of his wings stay on his legs, when in his bot mode.
Although the wings are missing any detail from this angle, they look sort of plain
when they could have had Con symbols or something on them. The tiny white outlined symbol on his chest is weak compared to the rest of the figures apps.

On a note though about the wings, they do not fold back like Classics Ramjets' wings
do, so keep that in mind as to not break them.

I like how the clear cockpit glass looks on him and Thrust compared to the smoked
color of Classics Ramjet and the G1 styled orange on Uni Starscream.

Very nice appearance
Great color choices

Black thighs
High Gloss Black paint apps
No gloss other paint apps
Could use better con symbols

Marks out of 10 for the following:

Transformation: 10, Easily transformed both ways

Articulation: 10, Easily posed and does not have the wing hindrance that Classics Starscream and Skywarp have when posing the arms for a forward shooting stance.

Bot Mode: 9.5, I thought that he should have had blue thighs, and no red in his feet, and missing some con symbols.

Alt Mode: 10, His alt mode is right up there with Thrusts' very clean and attractive.

Durabilty: 8, This mold has issues mostly in the hip department, the hip ball joints are often not as tight as they should be.

Packaging: 10, I myself really love the Generations / "Transformers" 2010 packaging. The Jet is very well displayed inside the bubble and the artwork is really good. And the new ties used to hold it in place are actually a good idea, great to reinstall back onto the card, and easily tied. Only complaint is that due to the smaller bubble, he had to face opposite the rest of the Generations line on the card...but not a problem for anyone who opens theirs.

Price: 10, $9 to $9.99 at a few stores is never a bad price for a decent deluxe figure.

Overall: 9, His looks are definately Dirge and even with the few loose joint issues he is a very nice figure and looks good displayed in either mode.
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