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Kamen's review: Cohrada

Name: Corhada, Corahda, Cohrada (spelling of his name seems to be variable)
Function: Ground Trooper
Sub-Group: Beast Wars Neo Deluxe Beasts
"Fighting is what I live for so and I intend to live to do it for a long time."

Extraordinarily powerful in fire and dry climates. An outlaw, because he prefers acting alone and isn't good at teamwork, he sometimes clashes with his teammates. The vacuum shockwaves he produces with his whip like right hand, the Hand Vute, can slice through steel. He specializes in doing swaying, zigzag dancing to rhythm.

I must admit that I have seen exactly ONE episode of Beast Wars Neo, and I didn't understand a word of it (Japanese not being one of the languages I speak). However, I have wanted this figure since I first learned of his existence. Why? Because he turns to a freakin' snake, that's why! Of all the possible alternate modes, I think a snake is the most difficult to do, or at least to do well. Most recently, we've have seen a second figure successfully transform into a snake, the awesome character Night Viper from the Beast Machines line, of course. But Corhada is the FIRST to have this most interesting beast mode. He is, unfortunately, a Japanese exclusive figure, but with the release of Magmatron and most of the other Destrons (Predacons) in the Beast Machines and Universe lines, there is always the hope that Corhada will one day make it to other shores.

Alternate Mode:

As a snake, specifically a cobra, Cohrada is naturally covered in a scale pattern. Three separate scale patterns are found on the figure: a square pattern that appears on his head and the back of his hood; a diamond pattern that appears on his tail; a banded pattern that appears on his belly and the underside of his tail.

In this mode, Corhada is mostly dark green. Silver paint runs down the sides of his hood, while gold appears on his belly on and on his head above his eyes. Purple and metallic blue show up on the end of his tail. Finally, yellow and red are applied to the back of his hood in a pattern that vaguely resembles the Destron symbol, perhaps warning them to avoid this deadly warrior!

You can activate Corhada’s action feature by pressing down the button on the top of his head. Doing so pops his mouth open; a very appropriate pose for a snake. If you like, you can remove the bladder in his mouth (ewww!) and fill it with water; he’ll fire the water when you depress the button. I’ve never done this, so I can’t comment on how well it works. Most water bladders don’t have tendency to work very well though.

The majority of Corhada’s articulation in this mode is in his tail, and half of the tail is used to keep him in a stable upright position. Even so he can still assume some natural poses.

Overall this is a really good beast mode, especially if you remember that Corhada represents the first attempt at a serpentine beast mode.

Weapon Mode:

Like most of the other figures in the BW Neo line, Corhada has a third mode; in reality a minor modification on his beast mode. In this case, Corhada becomes a gun turret.

No new colors appear in this mode, but some very nice tech detail appears on the upper and lower parts of his hood. The trigger for his beast mode’s action feature folds out to reveal a nice collection of dials and buttons. The details are small, but impressive for a mode that feels very tacked on. Because this mode essentially opens the beast mode up, Corhada’s robot head is easily visible. Most basic sized figures can stand behind Corhada and “aim” through the hole in his hood. An interesting if rushed mode.

The water bladder can be used in this mode, you’ll just have to squeeze it manually.

Robot Mode:

Despite having a transformation that does so much reveal robot parts as shift around beast parts, Corhada actually manages to develop a cowboy-esque aesthetic, making for one interesting figure. For that, he does manage to work in a few new details. The inside of his legs have mechanical sculpt and graded furrows that looks like vents. And the leg themselves are molded to look like boots, snake-skin boots at that! A bit more tech detail appears on his upper thighs. Although his bulging bicep looks organic it actually as a nice mechanical pattern sculpted into it, which contrasts nicely with the purely mechanical look of his lower arm. The lower arm is a nice piece of work itself, consisting of a wicked looking “disembowelment” claw attached to Corhada’s six-shooter. But don’t be fooled! Corhada’s packing a lot more than six shots in that bad boy. The sculpting on his face also merges technological and organic elements. The sides of his head have a snakeskin look, though distinct from the pattern and color on his legs, while his face is cold grey. However, below his smug grin, his chin comes to point and has several grooves surrounding it, giving Corhada a nice goatee and beard. To top it off, he’s wearing a stylized cowboy hat.

Only two new colors show up in this mode. Bright green for his eyes, and red for the spark crystal in his left arm.

Pretty much all of Corhada’s joints are ball joints, and they are all tight, giving him fantastic articulation. However, this is also where the one trouble spot creeps up. His left shoulder is anchored to the inside of the cobra hood via a curving piece fastened to a hinge. This allows the shoulder to move from its hiding place inside the hood to a more natural position in robot mode. Unfortunately, there isn’t any mechanism to stop the hinge from swinging forward until his shoulder is on level with his waist. At the moment that hinge is very tight, but once it starts to weaken, things are going to get ugly fast.

The water bladder can be used in this mode, you’ll just have to squeeze it manually.

Transformation: He actually has a very clever transformation, but it’s not at all difficult, though you might have a bit of trouble lining the grooves on his soles to the appropriate pegs when converting him back to beast mode. 3/10

Durability: Lots of ball joints make breaking him difficult, but he also has some hinges, though these won’t break unless your really rough with him. The only major problem here is the arm hinge I mentioned earlier. 7/10

Fun: He’s super unique and has excellent poseablility. Plus, he’s a cowboy! 9/10

Price: $12-$18 MISB Not bad for a Japanese exclusive. 8/10

Overall: Please, he turns into a snake, people, a SNAKE! The novelty alone is worth the purchase, but he’s a really good figure in his own right. 9/10

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