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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Kamen's review: Heinrad

Name: Heinrad, Heinlad
Fuction: Dimensional Explorer
Subgroup: Beast Wars Neo Ultra Beasts

"Time is what keeps everything from happening all at once."

Heinlad usually acts dazed and vague. He has a clock in his stomach, which gives him the ability to manipulate time. His super-secret skill is being able to stop or stretch time for a limited duration, there's a flaw in this ability: he still can't control it at will. Heinlad's past and combat abilities are surrounded in mystery.

Strength: ? Intelligence: ? Speed: ? Endurance: ? Rank: 7 Courage: ? Firepower: ? Skill: ?

Beast Mode:

Although he could easily be mistaken for a raccoon, Heinrad is actually a tanuki, an animal native to east Asia that is a member of the canid family, though it is not a true dog. In folklore, the tanuki is also known as a trickster spirit. Heinrad has elements of both meanings in his beast mode.

The first thing to notice about Heinrad’s beast mode is that, from the tip of his ears to the tip of his tail, he is adorable. Really, if he weren’t made of hard plastic, you’d just want to hug him to death. Since that is not to be, you’ll have to make do with looking at him, which makes a fine substitute. Aside from the sculpted cuteness, Heinrad also sports a convincing fur coat that is appropriately layered to give him the appearance of depth. As a nice touch, he also has small pads sculpted onto his hands and feet. Alluding to stories that have the mythical tanuki using their overlarge testicles (a trait they share with real tanuki) as drums, Heinrad is similarly well-endowed. Although not part of the mold, Heinrad also comes with a bottle of sake and an (presumably empty) purse, each with a different Japanese character on the front. These are another interesting nod to the tanuki’s mythical status, though there is not, unfortunately, any place to store them.

The figure is cast in primarily brown, black, and silver plastic, with several different shades of black present. White appears sparingly in his joints and yellow is predominant on his belly, where it draws the eye. Although not particularly eye-catching, Heinrad’s coloring is more-or-less accurate for the animal he represents.

Heinrad’s articulation above average for a beast mode. He has four point in each arm including a hinge joint on his thumb and ball joints in his elbows and wrists and a full range of motion in his shoulders. His head can look up and to each side to some degree.

Heinrad’s most prominent feature and gimmick is the functional analog clock in his stomach. Once fed a single AA battery, the clock keeps time well enough, though the dial to the set the clock hands doesn’t seem to work on my figure. The clock itself is sculpted in the form of what appears to be a normal wrist watch with the appropriate buttons sculpted in to make in look more authentic. Though I wouldn’t recommend using Heinrad as your main time keeper, he does have a neat practical use.

Overall, Heinrad’s beast mode is a wonderful nod to a creature that exists both in reality and fantasy.

Robot Mode:

The white and blue on the legs and head of the figure make a great contrast to the browns left over from his beast mode. Otherwise the only new color is a nice application of neon green plastic for his visor.

Heinrad’s robot mode parts are touched with a few nice mechanical details (vents and some hydraulics) but really, his legs and hips are the only new parts (aside from his head) that make an appearance. His head his fairly plain, molded to look like a helmet with a chin strap, but the movable visor adds a unique charm to the character.

Aside from having the same amount of articulation in his arms as his beast mode (what with them being the same limbs and all). Heinrad boasts waist articulation, swiveling and bending knees, and a bit of foot articulation. His hips are on ratchet joints but side-ways movement is limited by Heinrad’s hip pads, one of which holds his spark crystal. Heinrad’s head can also rotate in a full circle.

The sake jug and purse from his beast mode combine to become his rifle. Although strange looking, it does manage to look like a proper gun. He comes with two missiles which may either be stored via to holes on his legs or placed in his weapon. Either way it looks good, despite the fact that it can only be attached to his right hand.

The only real problem I have with Heinrad in this mode is the slight bit of beast mode kibble on the back of his legs. Really only a small affair, but it is annoying, especially since the rest of the figure is done so well.

Transformation: While not overly complicated, there is some quibbling to align parts. 5/10

Durability: No problems so far, though the pegs don’t keep his missiles attached extremely well, so be carefully moving him if you have them attached. 8/10

Fun: Heinrad is one of those with a cool beast mode and a neat looking robot mode: a spiffy if somewhat mysterious bio makes him even more interesting. 8/10

Price: BBTS has him mint for 24 USD which is a really good price for what you get. 6/10

Overall: I wouldn’t recommend Heinrad as a functional toy, but he’s a great display piece. 8/10
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