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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Alternate Mode:
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Kamen's review: Sharp Edge

Name: Sharp Edge
Function: Deep Sea Assault
Subgroup: Beast Wars Neo Deluxe Beasts

"There is no point to living if you don’t have enemies to fight."

While a bit short on sense, Sharp Edge is the scary type who will charge right in without thinking too deeply once he receives an order. He believes that continuing to fight is proof that you're alive. He has a capacity for incredible speed, and the powerful cutter hidden in his flukes, known as Diamond Tail, is his highly deadly ultimate weapon.

Alternate Mode:

In beast mode, Sharp Edge has the unique form of a saw-shark, though the mold itself is a redeco and slight retool of the original Cyber Shark mold, which was also further remolded into Beast Wars II Hellscream and Transformers Universe Overbite. Sharp Edge looks very convincing in this mode, with no discernible robot kibble. Unfortunately, he is molded in a straight line, giving the figure very little “life” in this mode, and as a shark he has no articulation to speak of despite the ball joints present in his fins. Lack of articulation aside, he stands quite well one his fins for display.

The mold itself is quite solid (though somewhat anatomically inaccurate). The shark’s particular snout is the figure’s most outstanding feature and looks quite dangerous. Otherwise, there are appropriate grooves that make the shark’s “skin” feel less smooth, though these details are not noticeable from a distance. What is noticeable are the striking grey and blue pattens painted on the figure that fade in to a sandy brown on the figure’s belly. I can’t stress enough how well the paint is done on this figure. The addition of creepy yellow for his eyes definitely makes Sharp Edge stand out in a crowd.

Sharp Edge has only one feature in this mode. Pressing the trigger on the top of his head launches the shark’s head, pretty far as well, and reveals red painted and mechanically detailed upper jaw, a nice touch.

Aquatic creatures being relatively rare for beast-formers, Sharp Edge adds a unique creature to the line up.

Robot Mode:

Sharp Edge’s robot mode doesn’t offer any new colors. Instead, the grey/blue pattern gives way to red, dark grey, and light grey, giving a nice contrast of colors.

Unlike his rather plain beast mode, Sharp Edge has quite a bit of sculpted detail in robot mode. His arms and legs have a shark skin pattern amid other mechanical grooves. The underside of the shark halves are awash with circuitry as well. The organic side of the figure isn’t forgotten either, particularly in his face which bears a crest not unlike his beast mode’s dorsal fin.

Sharp Edge has excellent articulation. Hips, shoulders, and head are all on ball joints, and his thighs and arms have additional swivel joints along with the standard elbow and knee joints. However, due to his transformation, Sharp Edge has quite a bit of weight on his back and has trouble balancing unless he’s holding one or both of his weapons.

His weapons are formed from the head and tail of the saw-shark, a sword and claw respectively. He also has a missile launcher in his chest and stores two missiles in his back.

Sharp Edge’s beast mode was good and his robot mode continues to deliver good things.

Transformation: Easy. All he does is split open. 2/10

Durability: My figure is a little loose in the elbows and hips but seems sturdy otherwise 7/10

Fun: Sharks are cool and a saw-shark is rather interesting. In robot mode he has nice gimmicks. 9/10

Price: He’s available both individually and packaged with Hardhead; both are rather pricey. 3/10

Overall: Sharp Edge is a good figure. Even if you already have the original Cybershark figure, he’s retooled enough that he feels like a completely new figure. If you can find him for a reasonable price I recommend picking him up. 7/10
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