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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Clay's review of: BW Neo Stampy

Name: Stampy
Beast Mode: Rabbit
Allegiance: Cybertron
Function: Reconnaissance

Stampy is an extreme coward who frequently frustrates his teammates. For all that, he's quick enough to be cheery.... yet his Mighty Ears hardly miss a distant sound, and his speed and intelligence-gathering abilities are outstanding. His favorite food is space carrots. (Bio taken from

Picked up Stampy at the same time as Longrack (from the same guy, no less). The whole concept of a rabbit Transformer was just too much to resist at the time. The fact that he was named Stampy was just gravy.

It's a bunny!

Stampy's alternate mode is a cute, cuddly-wuddly, widdle bunny wabbit. Aw, isn't he so cute? Wook at da widdle fewwow hop aw awound... awww...

Ahem. I apologize for that...

Anyway, now that I've gained some composure, maybe I can go on. The beast mode, in and of itself, is slightly above par: It still has the robotic underbelly, but all the limbs are ball jointed, so the rabbit can actually be posed nicely. The eyes are blood red, which means this is obviously a carnivorous Rabbit of Doom, so sayeth I. Unfortunately, I can't go on much longer about this mode without turning into Elmer Fudd, so we'll have to move on.

It's a robot!

The transformation to robot mode is pretty simple: The bunny head splits apart to become the arms, the back folds down, and that's about it. The sculpting is pretty wry and inconspicuous. Stampy has a slightly off-kilter smirk on his face, and even has a tiny maximal symbol branded on his peg. The articulation of this mode is great, thanks to the typical ball joints.

There is a slight resemblence to a later figure, too: Divebomb, the Energon Terrocon. The similarity is in the hands. Both use the split animal head design to form claws, along with greater protrusions from the forearms (Stampy's ears and Divebomb's energon shears). In contrast to Divebomb, Stampy does have little molded hands.

It's a... battle scissors!?

Stampy's final role is that a Targetmaster. With another simple transformation, Stampy can become a weapoon for a larger figure (such as Longrack). The peg used is the standard size, so Energon/Armada/G1 figures can all use him. The robot arms connect to little locks on the torso, which are connected to a mechanism attached to the bunny tail. The result is a shearing action. It's not the most dramatic effect in the world, but as far as transformer gimmicks go, this has to rank as one of the most inventive (even if it is silly). And, yes, there's even a pun: it's shear destruction. On that note...

Transformation: 9. Pretty well thought out. The gimmick mode works well, so that means it was probably thought of ahead of time. The bunny mode is realistic enough from the top down, and the robot mode isn't hindered by the shell parts, so it's an all around nice job.
Durability: 10. He's fallen off the shelf many, many times already, and hasn't flinched. There's no parts to lose, either.
Fun: 10. It's a bunny! C'mon! The Battle-Scissors thing just puts him over the top.
Price: 6.5. Slightly pricy for a basic-sized figure. Still less than Longrack, but speaking in relative terms to size, he's a bit more. I got mine sealed in the box for $12.
Overall: 9.5. There's just too many good things about the little guy to limit his appeal like Longrack's. Adorable bunny mode, quick and easy transformation, good scuplting, great articulation, no parts to keep track of, and a quirky and cool Targetmaster mode. I mean, what more could you want?

To see the battle scissors in action, click here to download a BW Neo toy commercial!
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