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Blackjack's review: Takara reissue Beast Wars Megatron

Name: TM-02 Megatron
Alligeance: Predacons
Series: Beast Wars Telemocha
Function: Tyrant

"For the glory of all Predacons... I unleash the storm of vengeance. Farewell."--Megatron as he kills G1 Optimus Prime

Right. I am not too clear on the Beast Wars Telemocha series and whatnot, so I'll talk for a while about Beast Wars Megatron. All I know is that telemocha is the Japanese equivalent of Beast Wars 10th Anniversary. Moving on...

Beast Wars Megatron has always been a fan favourite, including mine. A repaint of BW Megs was my first Transformer, after all. Nostalgia aside, however, most of us agree that the original pre-transmetal Megatron toy, was quite lame.

And then came Robot Masters, where they made downsized versions of main characters, including Beast Convoy (Optimus Primal), Star Saber, and yesssss, Beast Megatron.

That version looks much better than the Cybertron version in my opinion, but the colouring is a bit off. Now this telemocha version is a repaint of the Robot Masters version, released along with an 'accurate colours' version of the Ultra mold.

Optimus Primal also got the same treatment, while guys like Archadis and Cheetor and Blackarachnia and Waspy got reissues of their original toys in accurate colours.

Not able to find Waspinator, Dinobot and Archadis, I settled for this guy. He comes with a DVD as well, and I liked the character... BW Megatron is the only Transformer with a rubber ducky. No. Really.

BW Megatron is voiced by David Kaye, famous for his rendering of Megatron with all the "Yessssss" and "Noooo" we're so fond of. Other notable Transformers voiced by David Kaye include Cybertron Megatron/Galvatron and Animated Optimus Prime (the irony... yessss).

I'm feeling quite lazy right now, so I'm not gonna list every single Megatron ever. It's boring anyway. Go to my Henkei and Masterpiece Megatron reviews for the lists.


Megatron, is of course a tyrannosaurus rex. Literally it means 'King of Tyrant Lizards', if memory serves right. Megatron is coloured a shade of Pred purple with hints of bluish-green colouring the spine section, and yellowish-white bone colour for the claws and teeth. Tongue is pink.

Other than colouring, which is rather show-accurate, there isn't much that I can tell that's different from the Robot Masters version.

Compared to the original Beast Wars Megatron, however, it has a few major differences. First, the T-rex mode is slightly streamlined, making him not look like a bulky brick, but a more deadly beast the show depicts him to be. The head is also considerably more show-accurate than the original toy, and the jaws actually open and close. Yesssss

Poseability is limited to the legs. The hands and head can also spin around where it's stuck to the body, but that's about it. He has a screw stuck on the right side of his face. Poor guy.

The back part of his beast upper legs show very clearly the painted upper legs of the robot mode, but there's nowhere to place it. Here's a nice bit. The thighs have two... tiny silver objects, resembling artillery ports of some sort. And they're painted. Might have some significance, but I don't know. A nice touch to Megs, anyway.

"Megatron, Terrorize!"

...and with a triumphant cry, the Predacon leader splits open and transforms into is robot mode. Megatron in robot mode is kinda stout, and the proportions are a bit off, but is superbly detailed in sculpted and painted details. I am very fond of the amount of paintwork that went to the head alone. The scowling bucket head sculpt can't be beaten by any other pose.

While ole' scowling bucket head (I love his face) is notorious for having no hands, one being the dino head and the other being a redundant tail, it's kinda hard for Megatron to do stuff sometimes. I mean, how do he even type anything on those funky computer boards? He doesn't even have fingers, and those Rex hands ain't gonna do any good. But in this mold, the tail is removable to reveal a hand. A welcome bonus! The rex head, with 'clamping' action, is also much better than the original. Megatron's appearance is a mixture of mechanical and the organic feel of the T-rex skin, making him fall in line with the Beast Wars toys.

Poseability is quite excellent. Nice leg and hand articulation, and the head's ball joint is nice as well. Hand and shoulder articulation is excellent but slightly limited due to the back kibble being in the way.

One thing to mention, though. The bonus gun included with the Robot Masters toy is missing in this version for some reason. Or at least mine doesn't have it. This is not the first time Takara omitted an accessory for show accuracy. Just ask Henkei Sideswipe.

Regardless, there's not much to say of this charming little toy. The paintjob is excellent, poseability excellent and dozens of fun. Too bad there ain't a gun. Or a SWORD.... He would look so bad ass with a sword... If you don't have the Robot Masters toy, get him, yessssss.

The only way this toy is going to be more show-accurate is to include the rubber ducky.

DURABILITY 9/10 Very durable, but some of the paint may wear off. No chrome. Shocking.
TRANSFORMATION 4/10 very simple if you have seen the show.
PRICE 6/10 A deluxe show-accurate Megatron. But the DVD makes the price up some.
FUN 10/10 Fun, yessssss... Especially if you have Optimus Primal, which I'll get soon.
OVERALL 9/10 He's Megatron, yessssss..... Minus one for dropping the gun...
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