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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

zeoman4.5's review: World's Smallest Convoy VS Megatron

WST Convoy Vs Megatron

The battle between Optimus Prime (Convoy) and Megatron has been called the Ultimate Battle by Transformers fans of many generations. It just may be. One a hero driven by the desire to right wrongs and to save his home and people from inevitable doom. The other a villainous tyrant, bent on ruling all and destroying all who stand in his way. Convoy Vs. Megatron.

The World’s Smallest Transformers (WST) Convoy vs Megatron package is an ehobby exclusive box which came with a 2004 product catalog. Hence this set is old, no longer available for ordinary sale. The catalog sent with it is huge, and filled with pics of everything from Tranformers to Gundam and anything in between. It unfortunately also contains some pics of hentai dolls which, needless to say, are not something you want little children to see. I tore out the Transformers section and tossed the rest. The Tranformers section also contains the instructions for changing the figures so it can be useful!

Name: Convoy / Optimus Prime
Allegiance: Cybertron / Autobot
Function: Commander of the Cybertrons / Autobots

Alternate Mode:

Ah good old Convoy, the semi-truck mode I never get bored of. Convoy's vehicle form is a 1970's style flat face semi-truck cab. The primary cab color is red; add a silver stripe, grille, and exhausts and you get the G1 look every one wants. The windows are blue which I think is strange, I never had a G1 Convoy but I'm sure his windows weren't blue – but these windows are perhaps a homage to the anime version of the character, not the G1 toy. The rear connector and axle parts are also blue, accurate to the G1 figure and anime counterpart again. The best thing, in my opinion, about his vehicle mode is that unlike all the WST Cybertrons / Autobots, his wheels actually roll. They're real wheels. It is a nice vehicle mode, it’s just exactly the same as the G1 which is good, but not original – but, then, as this line aims to reproduce the G! characters at a miniature scale, it was never gonna be.

Robot Mode:

Convoy's robot mode was meant to look like his original, but somewhere along the line he got messed up. The colors are all right – red, blue, bits of silver here and there.

The face is the first inaccuracy. It is placed on an accurate helmet, the face plate is correct but the eyes... he has a visor. The two eyes are connected into one and it really throws off his look. The cab is the body which in theory should be right... wrong! It is over-sized giving him a fat, "Can't reach my hands past my belly" look, which isn't cool if your supposed to be a kick-butt commander. Other than that, appearance-wise, he is good. He looks a lot like the original and is well detailed. He is much taller than the other Cybertrons, and fits well as the leader.

His articulation is nearly the same as the G1 toy – the shoulders can move sideways but cannot rotate at all. The elbows are on ball-and-socket joints which grant a free range of motion. Without the shoulders though you are stuck with hands half-raised or down. The legs can be moved forward slightly, almost enough to allow him to sit – an upgrade from the original whose legs were stationary in robot mode. The fists are actually attached to the arms permanently, finally. The Ion rifle must be clipped on to his arm to be held, or so I've been told. Mine didn't have his gun when I got him, so I don't have any experience with it. He plays alright, but being a WST you'll probably be using him for display more so. In that area he is not so great, but definitely a must have part of any WST collection for status purposes. You would most likely be better off with the WST Anime Convoy rather than this plain Convoy.

Name: Megatron
Allegiance: Destron / Decepticon
Function: Leader of the Destrons / Decepticons

Alternate Mode:

Like his original G1 visage, Megatron's alternate mode is a Walther P38 pistol. A very accurate one at that. Now, by comparison to the standard WST Megs, this one is a little off though. The connector clips for the gun do not stay together well, leading to a wobbly, loose gun mode. I can't say this is a great mode for playing with, obviously due to size. He does have his scope which can be attached to the gun, but it looks a bit odd without the rest of the attachments for the gun. (Stock, silencer). Not so much a display mode or play but it is relatively accurate to the original.

Robot Mode:

Now for his (fan fair playing) robot mode. Megatron's robot mode is dominated by his silver paint color. Other than that he has black panels on the outsides of his legs. The two main differences between this Megatron and the standard WST are purely cosmetic. They are the fact that the inner plates of his arms and legs are colored blue (as opposed to the more G1 accurate red of the original WST release) and that he lacks the little squiggly marks on his chest. That being said, in my personal opinion, I like these alterations better than the colors of the original. The overall sculpt is to scale with the larger toy, and very cool, excluding that whole large crotch plate sticking out.

He is accurately G1 in articulation as well as standard weapons. He has rotating shoulder joints. That’s it… Well there is some range for him to shrug his shoulders but not enough for anything major. He is armed with his massive scope, now serving as his signature fusion cannon with his gun barrel attached to his side for extra fire power. He is a nice display piece, but he doesn't stand well. As far as play goes well... his arms come off easily and are a pain to re-attach. Like Convoy really just a figure to have for the sake of appearances.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Transformation: 7 – Convoy is very easy, Megatron is frustrating as ...
Durability: 7 – Convoy is pretty tough; Megatron's arms though, argh!!!!
Fun: 8 – These guys look great on display with one another and Convoy is really fun to mess around with too.
Price: 6 – It cost me $19.99 for this set, and most of what you pay for is the book. The figures aren't quite worth it.
Overall: 7 – Not the worst of the things I've purchased online. It takes time to truly appreciate these figures, and I have had time. It is not a must-have but worth getting if you are a fan of little figures or of Megs and Prime.
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