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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Clay's review of: THS-02 Convoy

Name: (G1) Convoy

Well, Takaraís hybrid style Transformers series finally becomes an actual line with its second release in its second year, G1 Convoy. The first release, Galaxy Convoy, was basically a downsized and highly detailed version of its larger counterpart. And it worked well. This second offering, however, is a little more convoluted. Rather than a simple miniaturization, G1 Convoy tries to wedge a brand new transformation scheme into the mix on top of everything else for the sake ofÖ being fancy, I guess. Itís a bit counterproductive, though.

Vehicle Mode:

For the sake of a needless new transformation, the look of the vehicle mode was sacrificed. Of course, all the details are there: rubber tires, gas tanks, clear windows, rivets, etc., but all that is pretty small change when the truck is deformed. The front tires are too close together, and donít fill up the wheel wells.

To explain the problem differently: all Binaltechs are all in a uniform 1:24 scale. The THS-02 Convoy, however, isnít even in scale with itself, let alone other figures. This doesnít make for a particularly pretty truck.

Robot Mode:

The robot mode, on the other hand, is the catís meow. Just like the THS 01, it's packed with an uncanny level of detail. Nearly all the important parts of articulation are ball-jointed, and on top of that it includes most of the extra features otherwise only included in the Masterpiece version. He comes with an energon axe and a matrix as well multiple sets of hands for specific poses.

However, this does come at a price. The over-reaching transformation scheme makes the robot mode a bit flimsy and prone to fall into various states of not-put-togetherness. This is a shame as this is the single most ornamented version of Convoy produced: the trailer has spring mechanisms to launch the ramp, Roller is present with working steering, a jet pack and Autobot-insignia mount for flying poses is included... all that and more, and yet the toy itself is actually somewhat fragile because of the transformation, for which a good-looking truck mode was sacrificed as well.

Transformation/design: 3. I'm rating this based on how well the mechanism is conceived to turn it from a truck to robot, and it's the major downfall. For the sake of an unnecessarily complicated transformation, the truck is ghastly and the robot's flimsy. Still, it is amazing that something that complex can be replicated at that small of a scale.
Durability: 6. Hooking the arms into the wheel-wells takes what seems like an uncomfortable amount of force. Some of the plastic is already showing stress marks.
Fun: 5. Great toy on some levels, crappy toy on others. It's more enjoyable to look at than it is to play with.
Price: 7. It's around $50. You do get what you pay for in the respect that it's a complex and ridiculously detailed little thing, but I'd really recommend spending that amount of money on a Binaltech instead.
Overall: 5. It's really hit and miss. It has a lot of great qualities - articulation, detail, extras, nifty packaging - but most of the fun of those qualities are undermined by the transformation's effect on the looks of the toy as well as the durability. If you're interested in this type of Transformer toy - miniaturized and highly detailed - I'd really recommend the THS 01 Galaxy Convoy instead.
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