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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
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Box Art:

tahukanuva's review of: Black Beast Convoy

Name: Beast Convoy
Function: Leader, Takara money-spinner
Sub-Group HyperHobby black RM repaints

Capable young commander from the planet Energois (ancient Earth). Takes pride in being able to fight alongside G1 Convoy, whom he highly respects. Can be stubborn and temperamental, but also likes joking with his teammates.

Robot Mode:
This is what he was packed in, so this is where I'll start: what worked for Beast Megatron doesn't work so well for Primal. Op's dark color doesn't look so good, since his face looks like a knockoff with its minimal color scheme.

He has dark gray fur, with red, black, and chrome for details. His articulation is good though, with ball-joint hips and neck; swivel waist, elbows, and shoulders. You can also have pseudo toes due to the transformation.

Megatron's falling point is Beast Convoy's best department. This monkey's got features, and plenty of them. He has the jets; he's got the shoulder cannons, and he has the show accurate wrist launcher blasters.

Improvements on the original toy: He now has the jetpack as in the show. His head is now show-accurate. He has the twin cannoned wrist blasters (that don't rip the arm in half), though at the expense of a skull mace.

Beast Mode:
He is a monkey... okay an ape, but who cares? He has changed little from the standard retail version. What was black is now dark grey, and what was light gray is now black. Despite being humanoid, he has no articulation that doesn't make him look stupid. But, it's a monkey, and that makes all the faults better.

Beast Convoy includes two scimitars, a black and royal blue repaint of an RM missile launcher, and, to replace the aforementioned missing mace, there is a gold chromed mace, like the one that came with Wreckerhook.

Transformation: 4. Definitely not hard.
Durability: 6.8 The gear mechanism in his chest plate feels brittle, and one of the swords broke.
Fun: 10. Simply awesome.
Price: 2. $35 for a toy slightly larger than a basic, that doesn't even turn into a T-rex!
Overall: 5.5. Really expensive, but if you have got money to blow, it's okay.
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