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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

tahukanuva's review of: Black Beast Megatron

Name: Beast Megatron
Function: Special leader repaint = more money for Takara
Sub-Group: HyperHobby black RM repaints

Major player in the Destron forces who came from the planet Energois (actually ancient Earth.) Laser Buster Beam fired from dinosaur mouth on right arm can shatter a 60-ton boulder. His manner of speech is pleasant, but when it comes to playing foul, he's in the top class of his forces.

Robot Mode:
This is the mode he was packed in, so this is where I'll start. Megatron is quite an imposing character, black, bulky, and clawed. I wouldn't want to run into him in when he's angry. His colors are simply amazing, mostly black with metallic gray upper arms, and upper legs. His chest is silver, with blue for the teeth-like detail at the top of his chest panel and (on both heads) his eyes are red. He has all the articulation you would want: ball-joint head and hips, rotation at the shoulders, knees and upper left arm, hinges at the right arm (2x), left elbow, knees and toes, and both claws open.

Megs' robot mode leaves little to be desired.

Beast Mode:
Again, Megatron has a brilliant, though simpler, color scheme. He is almost entirely black, with a fantastic silver spray-op all down the spine. His red eyes and tongue, gold toes, and silver teeth, finish off the colors. His beast mode is a T-rex, unlimited fun in and of itself, what does it need articulation for? To make it more fun that's what! He has ball jointed shoulders, bending knees, opening jaw, and a head that turns to the around to cock to either side. Plus he has a nice, pretty grin!

Again, Megatron leaves little to be desired.

Megatron includes his tail claw and a pretty gold vacuum-metal sword that originally came with Air-Hunter that looks really nice in his hand, and a black and maroon repaint of an RM missile launcher.

Transformation: 8. It's pretty complex the first time, but easy after that.
Durability: 7.5. Nothing's broken so far, but the robot "wings" feel a little brittle.
Fun: 10. Evil robot that turns into an awesome T-rex! What more could you want?
Price: 2. I understand it's a limited edition import, but $45 for a toy slightly larger than a basic?! Luckily I got mine as a Christmas present.
Overall: 6.5. I wish I could give a higher score, but the toy is just too expensive for what it is.
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