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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:
Technical Specifications:

Blitzwing's review of: Bonecrusher

Name: Bonecrusher
Function: Demolitions/Warrior
Scale: 1/57

"BONECRUSHER hates everything, and what BONECRUSHER hates, he destroys. He hates this planet, and all its inhabitants. He hates the AUTOBOTS for getting in his way. He even hates MEGATRON and the other DECEPTICONS; the only reason he stays with them is because MEGATRON scares him. BONECRUSHER lives for the day when he's the only one left standing atop a pile of smoking rubble and shattered robots."

Another cool movie figure, another “I want this one” on the list.

Robot Mode: Hulking probably best describes this figure, that and the fact that Bonecrusher would have been so much better as a voyager class but personal opinions aside this figure is still very pleasing to they eye. A heavy-set body, bladed attack-claw thing over his shoulder, with massive arms and clawed legs continues the menacing alien appearance of the Decepticons nicely. The posture which the figure naturally stands in gives a look of being ready for a scrap. An astonishing amount of detail has gone into the moulding here as with the other movie figures. The main colour scheme is light tan for the body and arms, with a darker shade for the legs, hands and head. Orange highlights appear on the body, waist & arms. The painted blue windows of the alternate mode are visible on the arms, but not too prominently. This is all finished off with a pair of glaring red eyes, but no light-piping this time unfortunately. Again, like the other figures, very few prominent vehicle parts are visible in robot mode, only the wheels and windows give it away. 22 points of articulation (27 is you include the arm on his back) give Bonecrusher good poseability, although saying that, the articulation on the arms is…interesting. Ignoring the extending arms feature, we seem to have either articulated shoulders and no elbows, or Bonecrusher walks around like Spongebob Squarepants (arms out at 90 degrees to his body). I’m not complaining about it, it’s just a bid odd and it doesn’t hinder the poseability at all.

Speaking of poseability, Bonecrusher is the only Transformer who can do the YMCA,. The extending arms gimmick is good, but it sets the balance right off and makes the arms look really gangly. Bonecrusher is a little top heavy as at least 80% of the vehicular mode is now above the waist, but none of it is biased to the back or front which makes it ok really. The attack blades on his back can be extended over his head to mangle an opponents face, which is reminiscent of BW Scorponok. Bonecrusher is one of the few figures that has no projectile weapons, which makes things even better for the new line of toys as there are no bits to lose, plus he wouldn’t be much of a tough-guy if he just shot people now would he?

Alternate Mode: A huge 21-ton mine clearance vehicle is Boncrushers alternate mode, but again the size kinda bugs me cause it great if we could have a voyager sized figure to re-enact the highway scene we keep seeing on the net with a Prime figure. The vehicle is a 6-wheeled tan truck, with a hydraulic arm fitted with a giant garden-fork style contraption on the end. One assumes this is for digging up mines in the desert in actual military use. The arm is nicely articulated so it can be moved over the front of the vehicle for mine clearing/ car throwing/ digging up vegetables etc. The wheels rotate in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions and that’s about it for moving parts for Bonecrusher. There are no robot parts visible in vehicle mode unless you turn it upside down and the detailing is just as good as the robot mode- rivets, vents, grilles, pipes, bolts and other vehicular bits and bobs are moulded into the panels. Light tan is back as the main colour of the truck, with blue painted windows and dark brown tyres.

Transformation: Firstly, there is no Automorph feature on Bonecrusher, which is probably why he hates everything as he’s been left Automorph-less. Anyway, we start by extending the bladed arm thingy out in front of the truck, then flip up the back end. Unclip the rear suspension hangers and move the legs down a little. Fold up the sides of the truck and flip the front wheels forwards. Flip the top half of the truck down to form the arms now, fold up the head and flip the legs round. Pop down the waist cover and rotate the legs at the knees so they face the right way. Fold the attack blades out and flip them up behind Bonecrushers shoulders. Stand figure in a cool pose and the we have it. Not as tricky as Brawl to transform, although the box rating is an ’advanced conversion‘.

Marks out of 10 for the following:
Price: 9/10: Like most of my recent acquisitions, purchasing from the USA means I pay less.
Transformation: 7/10: Not really that challenging, and less twisty-turny than Brawl.
Fun: 8/10: Everyone likes the big one who smashes stuff, and the amount of articulation on this figure is just fantastic.
Durability: 9/10: there are no flimsy floppy bit on this figure at all. Very robust and can survive being dropped from about 5 feet so far (oops).
Overall: 7/10: This figure could be better if it was bigger, but still a great addition for your collection.

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