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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

kupimus aka(clocker)'s review: Clocker

Name: Clocker
Allegiance: Autobots
Function: Recycle-bot
Sub-group: Applicant for the Maximal Command Security Force

Before the war for the AllSpark began, Clocker was a professional racer on Cybertron. His speed and skill dazzled millions of fans, and for a while, he seemed unbeatable. He was on top of the world. Then war came, and there were suddenly no more races to run. He turned his skills to finding the AllSpark, stopping the Decepticons, and bringing peace to Cybertron. He dreams of the day the war ends, and he can race again alongside his Autobot friends with no limits on how far or fast he can go.

And from Universe 2.0: Tasked by Megatron with the disruption of Autobot communications, Hardtop tracks one of the fastest and most effective couriers employed by Optimus Prime. The super-speedster CLOCKER has never been caught in the middle of a mission, but Hardtop hopes his long-range laser can put a stop to the racer's data delivery.

I'll say from the start that Clocker is one of my favourite transformers, so it was a pleasant surprise when my wife presented me with this second Clocker (I already have the original Clocker). This mould has also been used for Cybertron Swerve (a red Clocker basically), Timelines Tigatron (white Clocker with a Tigatron head) and Cheetor (yellow Clocker with a Cheetor [or Tigatron] head). This is a review of shiny dark blue Clocker.

Alternate mode:
When I think of what a Cybertronian road vehicle would look like, this is what I think of. If you haven't seen what it looks like, basically it's a modern day version of Kup's alternate mode. It has exhaust pipes on both sides of the car and a massive engine on the rear end of the car. It has two visible seats and a steering wheel, as well as a very streamlined look, so streamlined in fact that if you were sitting in the seats the windscreen would be at too awkward an angle you wouldn't be able to see out of it. Clocker is painted grey and a very shiny metallic blue, so shiny that for once it actually looks better than on the box. The key gimmick is actually pretty decent (the key is actually pretty decently painted a nice black). putting the key in the engine forces two guns to pop up, which in robot mode makes a nice oversized gun. This is my favourite mode.

Robot mode:
Once you have looked at the instruction manual and transformed him (which can be done satisfyingly in under a minute), you get a really cool looking robot mode. Articulation points are at the shoulders (on a ball joint), the elbows (not on a ball joint), the knees and the head turns left and right. Clocker looks good, even though the front of the car hangs of the back of him, to me it adds charm to the figure. He does have a few posability issues to me though. His feet are big, but are awkwardly shaped so it can be hard to stand him in a posed position (for example a walking stance) and where his shoulders meet his body, they haven't allowed enough room for you to move the arms on the ball easily, so say when you move his arm outward it scrapes on the side of his torso. He does have a nice head mold though.

Also, it isn't mentioned in the instructions, but you can affix the exhaust pipes to the underside of his forearms.

Transformation: 7/10 easy, but fun. I know the phrase is said a lot but its true.
Durability: 7/10 I would be very careful with him. There are a lot of hollow areas. On my original Clocker the cover on one of the backs of his leg always comes off, but this version appears more solid.
Fun: 9/10 Reasonably posable, cool looking and an unobtrusive decent key gimmick. I find him fun and have always wanted an army of Clockers.
Price and availability: You probably wont find many of the original movie release, but this universe clearance reissue will probably be available for a few more weeks and at a less than the price of a scout price.
Overall: 8/10. I was going to give Clocker a 9, but after reading the 'how to score reviews' thread, I put it away and gave it a 8. For comparison, I would give Cybertron Clocker a 7, this version seems more solid and has a better color scheme.
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