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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Blackjack's review: Divebomb

Name: Divebomb
Alligeance: Decepticon
Function: Aerial something-or-other
Alt mode: Su-27 Terminator Jet

Divebomb is a Walmart exclusive repaint of Cybertron Thundercracker in napalm yellow with camouflage colours, so just read Thundercracker's review and leave me be.

Just kidding.

History time first. The name Divebomb first appeared in G1, as a Predacon, and he transformed into a rather nice red, black and gold eagle. The next Divebomb appeared in Energon/Superlink as one of the Terrorcon armies. This one's also an eagle/hawk. Creating Divebomb as a jet, with an odd paintjob... AND using Cybertron Thundercracker's mold... was not an idea I was too keen with.

Divebomb turns into, according to Wikipedia, a Su-27 Terminator jet. The jet is rather slick, but the solid 'camouflage' paintjob really detracts from it. I mean, would it be too much to ask for Predacon red or black on the rims of the wings? For the record though, Cracker's jet paintjob is good.

His cockpit's a clear light blue. Divebomb has four rubber gray missiles, which are NOT removable. The nosecone is also rubber gray. Divebomb's upper back wings are also made of rubber/softer plastic. Wonder why.

Divebomb's Cyber Key (the Decepticon one molded in Dark blue) pops the whole midsection of the jet up, firing a missile. The overall effect ruins the otherwise good plane mode.

Plastic non-rolling wheels can fold out from the nosecone and the engines (legs), helping Divebomb to stand. Divebomb's transformation covers all robot kibble except for the place to insert the key, making me hate the gimmick more. Grrr.

Oh, and Divebomb's profile describes kind of a stinking, smelly guy... Like Skalor, instead of a ferocious air hunter which is Divebomb.

I watched Cybertron and I bloody like Thundercracker. He has a BIG cannon, making the comic relief guy look imposing. When I heard that the Thundercracker toy is going to be repainted I went for it. What I DON'T expect is that the cannon IS the hand. I kinda thought it was a detachable weapon. I ain't too pleased, but ain't too pissed either.

The jet turbines form legs, the cockpit form the chest, hand folds out of the jet's bottom... Truly a transformation of Seeker origins, only without the cone head. I hereby take back everything I say about Overcast looking the most like a Seeker--this guy is.

Divebomb has a nice head sculpt, but the mold's main fault is the shoulders, which often comes loose, as the transformation doesn't hold them together. The cannon hand doesn't help either, as if you point it down it makes Divebomb fall.

Final history note: this mold has been used thrice. The first is Thundercracker of Galaxy Farce/Cybertron, the second is for the toy-only Skywarp of the same line, the third for Divebomb. I was half expecting Starscream.

DURABILITY 8/10 pretty solid, make no mistake.
TRANSFORMATION 4/10 in hardness. Piece o' cake. 9/10 in design (robot to plane), as it covers all robotic kibble. 4/10 for plane to robot, for reasons above.
FUN 7/10 a guy with a cannon for a hand? Even though it's too long, it's bloody fun.
PRICE X/10 depends, really...
OVERALL 7/10 Not the best toy of the movie walmart repaints line(Jolt and Big Daddy look cool to me), but quite interesting nevertheless. Call me a sucker for Decepticon jets. If you missed out the originals (which have much better paint jobs) this guy is worth a try.
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