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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Alternate Mode:
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Blackjack's review: Fast Action Battler Frenzy

Name: Frenzy
Version: Disc Blast Decepticon Frenzy (thanks Treadshot A1)
Line: Movie
Function: Ugly rendition of a perfectly good character

"Oh s***!"

Ah, Frenzy. Let's start with the character's history. He is one of the original Decepticons, and we all know he turns into a cassette warrior with his 'brother' Rumble. While in the cartoon their names were reversed and Rumble hogs the spotlight, Frenzy was always there, and in the comics. Then, Frenzy was used as a name for a Go-Bot. The name was not used again until the 2007 Movie, for a role originally designated to Soundwave. This Frenzy.... Watch the movie! He speaks in Cybertronian gibberish, gives the middle finger, and says "Oh Shit!" In no time, I fell in love with him.

Okay. I got some time to burn, so I'll review this little guy. Let's start from the time I got him. I was not too happy about the tiny Frenzy that came with deluxe Barricade. I mean, we all want a proper deluxe-sized toy for our beloved maniac skeletal spy. Because I just love Frenzy.

Then, I met this version. A simplified kiddy version of Frenzy. Okay, so "it's not too bad" I thought when looking at it. "At least I can get a Frenzy that transforms into a boom box rather than something resembling a Powermaster engine."

Stupid me. I wasn't thinking. I was disappointed. Not only does Frenzy have a sorely inaccurate alt mode, a portable radio instead of the funky angular boom box he has in the movie, but basically the robot mode also sucks. Why? Let's see. But history first.

Frenzy is red, Rumble is blue. No, Rumble is red, Frenzy is blue. No, both of them are blue. No, Frenzy is red!!! Rumble is red!!! Frenzy is red!! Rumble is purple!!! Frenzy is silver!!! Rumble is blue!!! Frenzy is red!!! Rumble is blue!!! Rumble is red!!! Frenzy is blue!!! Frenzy is colourful!!! And so on...

Alternate Mode
I usually start with the mode packaged in, but here I'll start with the alternate mode first. The Movie Line is famous for making super-realistic alternate modes (see my review of Payload). All the Movie toys, even the 'kiddy' line, almost all have more-or-less accurate versions of their alternate mode with the movie.

The key word in the sentence being 'almost'. Well, this guy not only turns into a VERY inaccurate boom box compared to the movie, by being round at the side. The movie has funky sharp edges.

Basically, if you ignore the inaccuracy of it, you can appreciate *coughs* the details *coughs* that are given in this. This is painted light gray, with the speakers silvery-gray, some parts and the buttons black, the screen blue with "Frenzy 97.7", and two Decepticon signals. And the bloody antenna. That's all.

Also, the back part of the boom box sucks. Press the thing on the back and a shuriken-style disc pops out from the CD compartment. At least one accuracy with the movie!

Robot Mode
Quoting Frenzy himself, "Oh s***!" The robot mode sucks! Instead of the skeletal nimble tiny guy in the movie, we get an awkward blocky robot with thin arms and legs.

Regarding the head, the optics are red instead of blue in the movie, but that's the only problem. HAHAHAHAHA! I'm only bluffing. The head is formed by one half of the speakers, resulting in an appearance similar to G1 Backstreet. The antenna hanging there is not helping either.

The four arms redeem it, but it's not very poseable.

Look it from the side, and OMG! This guy is so wide, it is wider than most (excluding Payload) Deluxe figures. The kibble is stashed in the back, resulting in a top-heavy figure. (though not as bad as earlier lines.)

Egh. I'm not gonna say anymore. DON'T BUY THIS FIGURE!!! Buy the Action Master Frenzy (Okay, technically it is Robot Heroes, but Action Master sounds better) or the Deluxe Barricade. Spare the pain.

Transformation 2 Hey. This is for kids.
Durability 6 should be durable enough.
Price 0 This sucks, if this is not the only Frenzy that transforms into a boom box I wouldn't have bought it.
Fun 1 Disc Launch! After that it is boring.
Overall 3 Don't buy it. Seriously.
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