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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Zeoman4.5's review: Jazz

Name: Autobot Jazz
Function: Autobot warrior/special operations
Sub-Group: Movie Deluxe
Scale: 1/28

"If itís worth doing itís worth doing with style, thinks AUTOBOT JAZZ. The coolest of the AUTOBOTS, he rolls into battle against the DECEPTICONS with slick moves and a banging sound system. Thereís no limit to his courage, and nothing he wonít do in defense of Earth and the AllSpark. Drawing his blade, he prepares to bring the fight up close and personal with MEGATRON and his evil metal soldiers."

Ah yes. Jazz, one of my personal favorites of the original Autobots
is finally getting the recognition he deserves. As one of the only
five Autobots appearing in the new TF movie, a lot is riding on him
to be a quality toy, and he is.

First, let me tell you a little about the few versions of Jazz throughout the years. The original Jazz was a stylish Porsche vehicle form, he was most noted for having a huge stereo system and some very sweet moves. Due to his great knowledge and love for Earth culture, he became Prime's right hand man. Jazz wouldn't be seen much after the 1986 TF movie. He would occasionally receive toys for many years to come but was never in the cartoons after the movie. Now in 2007, Jazz has returned and is one of the best new toys in my opinion.

Vehicle mode:
Jazz's vehicle form is a 2008 Pontiac Solstice. He features a stylish silver paint job with large rimmed black wheels and blue tinted windows. He's no Alternator, but his design actually looks realistic. The tiny Pontiac hood ornament is a nice touch. The toy feels tough and it plays well, and it looks great on display. The only real problem is that the weapon can't be stored in the vehicle form, just on the back of the spoiler as a vehicle mounted cannon. It isn't a huge problem though, and it doesn't take away from the figure. A really nice vehicle, my personal favorite of the new movie vehicles.

Robot Mode:
Jazz's robot is very similar to his original G1 self. The head is interesting; it is sleek and has a well detailed black face plate, long ear pieces, and a big translucent blue visor which glows in the sun. He has basic arm and leg articulation, his wrists can bend up and his head moves very well. The design is where he really shines- his body is proportioned just like his G1 counterpart. The legs are
big and muscular, with little copper pipes running under the smooth, silver armor. His body is basically the front end of the car with a waist plate and head coming off of it. The grill of the car is the chest plate, just like a G1. The one and only Autobot insignia is on his waist plate.

His arms are two folds of the hood attached together by a joint, with three figured hands. Has this wolf-like alien hunter look, which is complemented by his weapons- he has two, an arm mounted cannon, which has the ability to be extended into a fencing sword mode; and a shield made from his trunk plate and spoiler, which is shoulder mounted. He is fun, especially if you have Wreckage or Brawl for him to engage in a movie style sword fight, he is like a shadow fighter. He can run in and slash up an enemy and transform, leaving nothing but a cleanly cut 'con body. He is great for display due to his detail and movie accurate design. Top notch fun and ultra strong, a great TF.

Durability: 8 Quite strong, survives falls well but clamp arm
joints neither close well or stay on properly.
Price: 8 Worth the $9.99 - 11.99 you could pay for him.
Transformation: 6 Fun and semi-challenging. It has only one minor bit of Automorphing, and thatís a bonus.
Fun: 9 Very fun. Whether itís scrapping 'cons or looking
good, Jazz is your man.
Overall: 8.5 One of the best new movie figures. Great for
the young and older fan. Perfect balance of fun, display, and realism. A must have.

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