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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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electro girl's review: Target exclusive G1 Jazz

Name: Autobot Jazz
Faction: Autobot
Function: Primes lieutenant
''This looks like a cool place to kick it''

During the long process of being rebuilt by AUTOBOT RATCHET, there was a lot of time to think. AUTOBOT JAZZ digs his earth vehicle form, but the silver paint job got scratched too easily, and dust stuck to it like cyberflies on old oil. Also, it wasn't nearly eye-catching enough. Just because he's supposed to be in disguise doesn't mean he can't be noticed. With help from BUMBLEBEE and AUTOBOT RATCHET, he picked this colour scheme as the one most likely to get him appreciative looks from all the humans he passes on the freeway.

Jazz was one of my favourite Transformers from the 2007 movie and had (in my humble opinion) one of the most iconic and coolest paint jobs of G1. So when I first saw the two together in one toy I wanted it so bad, there was however a problem as this particular Jazz repaint was only available in the United States and I live in the United Kingdom. Luckily it was E-bay to the rescue and my new Jazz toy arrived the very next day.

This is the mode in which Jazz comes packaged and even through the plastic I was immediately happy with him. Jazz is a Pontiac Solstice, a very sleek and cool looking car that ideally suits the personality of Jazz (What with him been awesome).

In this mode the new paint job really shines through as I almost guarantee this is the reason you bought this toy, right? He looks pretty much exactly as his G1 self and looking at it makes me feel so happy inside. (In case you didn't know) The main colour here is white with blue decals on the doors that say ''JAZZ'' and ''4'' there is also his characteristic blue and red stripes with a number 4 running down the middle of his bonnet, roof and boot, very cool. There is also a red stripe running across the bottom of his front bumper and blue stripes along the bottom of the doors. The front and rear grills are black along with the plastic tyres which are wrapped around silver rims.

His gun/sword can attach to the middle his vehicles spoiler, it doesnít do that much for me but its still somewhere to place his weapon in this mode.

A very nice vehicle mode that just screams JAZZ! Great paint, Great looks, Great everything.

Jazz's transformation is similar to G1. His arms come from the bonnet area as does the head and the legs come from underneath.

The head is black with a silver face and a blue visor, which by the way has excellent light piping. The visor will shine a brilliant bright blue under almost any light and looks just stunning.

Like Movie Ratchet, Jazz has a very short torso that consists of pretty much only his bonnet and grill, and it is in this area that the automorph is housed. When his roof folds down onto his back his head pops up and his grill pushes forward while his lights recede, It's really fun to do unlike other automorphs.

Jazz has long and large legs compared to the rest of his body yet this doesnít make him look strange, the vehicles doors are on the side of his hips and upper legs. His feet fold out from his rear bumper but with these odd fake wheels on his heels that I just plain donít like but they arenít to obvious.

At first I found the arms hard to get used to as they can be quite difficult. I didn't always transform the shoulders correctly at first and the fact that that arms are two folded (for lack of a better word) sheets of plastic, I thought they could be interpreted as weak looking but now I've warmed to them.

The weapons he has are a telescopic sword/gun and a shield that mounts on his shoulder. I keep the shield on his back as I donít like it on his shoulder, it
just doesnít look right or useful to me. His other weapon is a gun that elongates into a sword that attaches to the inside of his arm and looks pretty cool.


Transformation: 8- Hard to separate the arms but you get used to it.
Durability: 8- Being a fairly short Transformer Jazz is quite stocky and sturdy, and no breakages yet.
Fun: 10- Come on it's Jazz! and in those colours!
Price: 9- For you the American public, for $10 its great. 5 for me as it cost me £26 on E-bay but its worth every penny to me.
Overall: 10- A fantastic vehicle and robot with a fantastic colour scheme and fantastic light piping, If you buy one movie repaint make it this.
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