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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Ganon578's review: Jazz (legends)

Name: Autobot Jazz
Function: Saboteur
Allegiance: Autobot

ďDo it with style or don't bother doing it."

If itís worth doing itís worth doing with style, thinks Autobot Jazz. The coolest of the Autobots, he rolls into battle against the Decepticons with slick moves and a banging sound system. Thereís no limit to his courage, and nothing he wonít do in defense of Earth and the AllSpark. Drawing his blade, he prepares to bring the fight up close and personal with Megatron and his evil metal soldiers.

I originally wasnít going to get any of the other movie figures other than Bumblebee and Barricade, then I came across this little guy, and I thought he looked pretty sweet. Matter of fact, heís awesome for a Legends figure, and I donít regret for a second the purchase I made.

Alternate Mode: Jazz has a cool alternate mode. He transforms into a miniature silver Pontiac Solstice, and for a small figure, it comes off pretty well. I only have two gripes about this mode, one being the cheap tires they slapped on him, and the other being the grill of Jazzís chest is now the top of the car in this mode. The small wheels in this mode donít do any justice to the cool look of the Solstice in the movie, but I guess it works for a Legends Transformer. He does have a really nice paint job for being such a small figure. The silver has a nice metallic sheen to it, and there are some small touches of contrast paint to add to the flavor. Youíll find red in the back for the taillights, yellow for the fog lights in front, and also youíll find some black added in for the grill. The small spoiler in the back is also a nice touch. This mode is overall pretty good for a small guy.

Robot Mode: Robot mode is where this figure really picks up some bonus points. His robot mode is great especially for a Legends size figure. He doesnít have great articulation, but thatís to be expected. His hip joints swivel and move on ball joints, and his arms move up and down. You can move his torso a bit up and down too. This mode really shows off his boxy upper body just like in the movie, and the paint job also has little surprises that add to the value. The silver still pops here, and there is also some black parts that add contrast, a small black Autobot symbol in his lower body, his visor is blue (which adds to his coolness), and heís also got some metallic gold accents that really spruce up this figure. There is really good detail in the grill that covers his chest (the top of the car in alternate mode), even with a small Pontiac symbol that is red. He doesnít do much besides stand there, but that all that is needed since he looks really good in this mode.

Transformation: 2. Simple.
Durability: 8. Really sturdy for a Legends class figure, I donít see anything breaking on him anytime soon.
Fun: 7. You canít do much with him, but he looks really good in both modes.
Price: 9. I got mine for $4 US. You donít get much better deals.
Overall: 8. Heís a really great addition to any collection, especially at a low price in retail.

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