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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:
Technical Specifications:

zeoman4.5's review: Rescue Ratchet VS Brawl

Rescue Ratchet Vs Decepticon Brawl
Subgroup: Allspark Power Movie Legends Class

Decepticon Brawl laughs so rarely that when he does, it comes out as a creepy, creaking wheeze. Still, the one thing that amuses him to no end is watching Rescue Ratchet rush around a battlefield trying to save as many lives as possible. With the Autobots putting every last ounce of energy into snatching the Allspark, Decepticon Brawl finds himself in a target-rich environment. It amuses him to place his shots for maximum damage, scattering wounded in every direction, so he can watch the Autobot medic run himself ragged.

Well this is the second review that I'm doing today – I'll admit I'm kinda tired, but I must continue. The little Transformers are the most important in my opinion. They make up the vast majority of my collection, anyhow. I truly appreciate these Legends packs. For a poor college student like me they are the only things I can afford. I'm not disappointed, oh no, I am glad. Only being able to get little TFs has given me an appreciation for all the small things in life. Ahh... Enough of that, now, time for me to tell you about this toy set.

Let me start by saying that I'm not sure if this set is supposed to represent the events of the actual fight for the Allspark at the end of the motion picture, or if it has something to do with another battle earlier, or later in the timeline. If you judge by the bio for the Voyager Rescue Ratchet, then it is after the movie, which makes no sense, since Brawl dies at the hands of Bumblebee and his makeshift legs. I half to chalk up the lack of clarity to the fact that its a filler toy to keep fans busy until Animated and Classics 2.0 Universe figures are released later this year. Right now, let’s roll out and get this review goin'.

Name: Rescue Ratchet
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Mechanic

Robot Mode:

Try saying that three times faster. I already reviewed the original colored Legends Ratchet some time ago. He was pretty lame, but I am happy to say that the new color scheme really ups the quality of this figure and makes him much nicer. Unlike the first with his snot green color, Rescue Ratchet is a milky white. This brings out the details on his body much more readily. He has a silver chest area designed to look like the morphed Hummer hood on the chest of the voyager class figure of the same name. The black wheels on his elbows and knees contrast with the white, as do his black feet. He looks a bit different than he did in the film – he is sleeker and has human-like hands. His head is red colored with a grey face. The grey detracts from his facial structure, and gives him an ominous look – that "I'm not gonna loose him" look as he tries desperately to revive a fallen comrade. I'd like to note his only small Autobot symbol on his abdominal area is painted on, unlike any pictures seen online where it looks like a stamp on symbol.

One thing that sticks out on him is his big nose – it takes up half of his face! Another thing is that he has a peg on each of his hands. It’s very disturbing to me. I like hands to look like they function, but with the pegs I know they couldn't.

He has little articulation. Limited to a pair of ball-and-sockets, each placed in one of his shoulders, he can do little in the area of posing. As far as play is concerned, he is alright, but still no better off than the first version. Nice to look at; his new colors are a vast improvement on the first's, but he is still the same mold and not too great for playing with. I mean how's he gonna run if his legs can’t move?!?

I guess I should mention that his colors are close to the G1 Ratchet's. Close, but not perfect. Neither the G1 TV series nor the toy possessed a red helmet, although he did sport one in the comics! I wonder if they got confused with G1 Protectobot First Aid, who also transforms into an ambulance…

Alternate Mode:

Ratchet's vehicle form is an ambulance / rescue vehicle derived from a Hummer H2. The color scheme now directly reflecting the G1 ambulance, gives him the gentle doctor feel as apposed to the alien look of the original colors. The base color is white once more, but now he has a red pulse stripe running down the side. He also has blue windows, and a metallic charcoal bull bar and top rack. He carries a spare tire on top as well. I honestly like this mode more than his robot mode as far as appearances go. It is a bit more fun to play around with, but not a display piece per se. The bull bar is somewhat jumbled and the fists are clearly recognized on the white underside. Not bad by any means but far from the quality of the Voyager figure.

Name: Decepticon Brawl
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Demolitions /Artillery

Robot Mode:

I've been waiting for this. Brawl. The entire reason why I purchased this pack. Brawl's robot mode is superb for a Legends Class figure. He is a bulky, surly, evil little brawler. His body is comprises the front of the tank flipped upside down to form the chest and shoulders, the lower portion split to make his legs, and the cannon area split into his arms.

He is this creepy little brute and I'm just fascinated by his appearance. He is toy soldier green, with some silver on his chest and face, and gold on his knees. His face is like a block, with a look of absolute hatred for anything that moves. Not at all smart looking, but tough, yes, tough. His Decepticon insignia is boldly emblazoned on the silver center of his chest.

His arms are covered with guns. He has a missile mount on both arms, as well as a pincer claw and a rear facing cannon. The main gun is mounted on his right arm, much like a G1 style arm cannon. Plus he is covered in little spikes and bladey parts.

Articulation is good for a Movie Legends Class figure. He has ball-and-socket joints in his hips and shoulders, and can rotate at his knees and head. That's right, his head can turn – rather unusual in Legends Class figures! Bonus!

Just plain cool, this is a breath of fresh air compared to some Legends bots. Easily my favorite of this group of Legendss. Truly a monument to the movie character in all his destructive glory.

Alternate Mode:

Brawl's vehicle form is a tank. A modified M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank to be precise.

Anyhow, Brawl is a tank, a green tank, just green. For all the great detail put into the robot he turns into a very bland vehicle. It's not like it looks bad – just plain. There are a lot of little things like metal plates and stuff to look at, but if you're like me only one thing will be on your mind in this mode – his weapons, now all forward facing. The combined force of two missile pods, two stationary guns, and his main shell launcher is enough to scare away any would-be hero. His main gun has about 45 degrees range of vertical motion. The small wheels imbedded in his treads work well on a smooth surface. The only fault I can find in this tank mode is that the turret can't rotate. I understand why (the arm joints) but still it bugs me. A fine little alternate mode. The colors could be better, but once again, they’re not bad, just plain. Quite fun, one of the better vehicles from the Movie Legends range.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Transformation: 4.5 – Both are simple, but I factored in the time one would spend trying to decide what to do with Ratchet's feet in vehicle mode.
Durability: 8 – They are pretty tough. Neither shows signs of problems.
Fun: 10 – Even though Ratchet isn't too great for playing with, Brawl is awesome, and they make great pair.
Price: 9 – Can't beat their price nowadays. $6.88 is great for a two pack.
Overall: 8 – Really nice pair. I'd recommend it to any fans of little TFs or to those on a tight budget. Even if you don't like little TFs I still think you should give Brawl a chance.
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