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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Clay's review: Bumblebee VS Scorponok

Name: Bumblebee VS Scorponok
Sub-group: Movie Legends two-packs

For an exhaustive review of Bumblebee that I basically agree with, check out numbat's review. The changes made to the two-pack version include painted rear windows and black airbrush marks indicating wear and tear. However, the star of this set is the previously unreleased Scorponok, so I'll concentrate solely on him.

Alternate mode:

Scorponok's alternate mode is rarity among movie legends figures: it actually resembles the larger toy it's based on. Though it lacks the complex gearing system of the deluxe toy, the smaller figure still has rotating claws, and most of the articulation: two ball joints in each arm and a somewhat-articulate tail. Since Scorponok is so small and because the animal legs are solid pieces, this version can actually stand stout and keep its belly off the ground, unlike the larger figure.

Scorponok can't claim as many painted details as the larger counterpart, but what he does have counts. The face is painted gold and each of the four eyes are painted red. Although the claws and the turbine-thorax are mostly neglected, Scorponok's face compensates nicely. Some cost-cutting measures have to be made to produce figures at this size (such as omitted details), but the attention paid to Scorponok's face really saves the figure, as it is naturally a focal point.

Robot Mode:

Scorponok's robot mode shines as an example second-time charm. The robot mode of the deluxe figure was rather obviously an afterthought, tacked on so that the figure could transform in the most literal sense possible. The key difference between the deluxe toy and the legends toy, and why the legends toy succeeds where the deluxe fails, is proportion. The deluxe toy simply has the sides of the scorpion fold down to create a set of small slapdash legs. The legends toy, however, doubles the length of the legs with an extra piece to form the thigh, creating proportions that aren't comical. This incredibly simple design change gives the toy a robot form worth mentioning!

Of course, the legends toy is neat figure is its own right instead of simply being a contrast to the deluxe. The robot is ridiculously articulate for a legends figure, featuring eight ball joints and a tail that can still move back and forth. For obvious reasons, the head doesn't have much movement. It can look up and down if you want to think about it that way, but no more. Still, for such a small figure it's adequate, and Scorponok is leagues beyond other legends figures in terms of joints.

Transformation: 3. These are very simple figures.
Durability: 5. Bumblebee is tough, but Scorponok could easily break if stepped on (just like a real one!). Also, the stinger is made of soft rubber and bends out of shape easily should you choose to carry it around in your pocket.
Fun: 10. Bumblebee is nice, but Scorponok is the more entertaining figure. Having the small, articulate scorpion figure crawl on larger figures makes for a fun shelf display.
Price: 10. The $8 retail price is quite worth it.
Overall: 10. This set is well-worth getting. Bumblebee is solid, and Scorponok is an improvement over its deluxe counterpart. On top of that, they're quite cheap, and rather cute little fellows. Fully recommended!
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