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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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zeoman4.5's review: Jazz VS Ice Megatron

Names Megatron (Ice) vs Jazz (Final Battle)
Functions Leader of the Decepticons; Autobot lieutenant Commander
Group AllSpark Battle Pack, 07 Movie Legends class

In the final battle for the AllSpark, MEGATRON cuts a swath across a human city, destroying everything he sees. With the other AUTOBOTS occupied by DECEPTICON BRAWL, AUTOBOT JAZZ is the only soldier left to take on the DECEPTICON leader, though he knows he doesn’t stand a chance against the mighty MEGATRON. As he confronts the immense tyrant, he knows that no matter what occurs, he will have gone down defending the weak, fighting as a true AUTOBOT.

It's about half a year 'til the premiere of the Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, and I'm about to review a pair of figures from the aftermath of the first movie. I'll admit, I never thought I'd be reviewing these figures, since I own both the of the standard variants of Megatron and Jazz. This pack is one of the biggest shelf warmers of the year, yet I can never pass up a bargain and got the pair for $3 at K-mart a couple months ago. I'll say I was actually surprised with the results. I'll get to why in the body of the review.

Let me just say one thing about the battle scene this package is supposed to represent. I hated this scene from the film, Jazz was the one Autobot with a cool personality and he gets killed off. Of course it was only played out that way to show off how powerful Megatron really was, but still it made me angry as BW Quickstrike without any keisters to kick. What's done is done. I can't change it, but Jazz remains my favorite movie Autobot.

Jazz Robot Mode
I have to say this before I start, I barely can enjoy the legends mould for movie Jazz. It is so disproportionate, kibbly, and non-accurate that most fans and even kids, completely abhor this little abomination. Its not that he is a poorly made its just they made him well in a way that ruined the figure. The way it looks is kinda like the larger Jazz figure. Bumper and grill for a chest, doors for arms, huge legs that have big panels sticking up. I could go through more but I really don't want to. He's not to pretty, lets leave it at that.

His paint scheme is a light grey for most every thing but the, upper legs, wheels, feet, and grills on the chest. The head lights on the chest are yellow, and he has a tiny Pontiac hood ornament. Unlike the standard variant, Battle Jazz has painted on armor cracks and stress marks on his loser legs and torso. That's the only difference between him and the first. He's got a blue visor on his face, the only good looking thing about his head.

As far as articulation goes, he has rotating shoulders and ball jointed hips. That's all. He completely lacks weaponry due to his Legends size class, and honestly he doesn't even look like he could stand on his own, let alone fight a Decepticon. I really wish I could say more positive things about him, I mean he isn't terrible and there have been much worse. He can be fun, if your willing to over look his appearance and just play, but not a great display piece.

Jazz Vehicle mode
Movie Jazz is supposed to be an '08 Pontiac Solstice, but this Jazz must have gotten confused somewhere. He looks like a car, but He's got a bumper on the roof and a pair of prongs on the front bumper. There is a lot of detail parts but none are painted. The only thing that isn't grey is the windshield. They actually put more detail into the bumper on the roof than the one on the front of the car. It just looks cheap. It plays well just like the robot mode did but the look is a major turn off. I will stop here. I really didn't want this review to turn into a hate fest and its not the toy's fault it was made ugly.

Megatron Robot Mode
Megatron's robot mode is good deal easier on the eyes and actually looks like the movie character he's based on. The only thing about it is that its a little skinny and shorter than some of the other legends figures, but that is not too serious.

Color-wise, he is a different in a couple ways from the first. His main plastic color is a light metallic blue, it is covered with air brushed white paint to give him a frosty look. The previous figure had black on the arms, inner legs and face, but now he has blue. This is actually a throw back to the G1 Farewell Megatron VSX from the Japan, who was also part of a 2 pack set. He manages to look both Icy and evil, very nice. Little red eyes complete the face.

He has decent articulation. Ball joints on the shoulders and hips, plus a rotating waist and ball jointed neck. Not the most posable figure, but he is quite fun to mess around with. He has clawed hands and little guns on his hands as well. Overall he is very nice.

Megatron Vehicle Mode
Meg's vehicle mode is a Cybertronian supersonic attack fighter, which looks nothing like any earthen vehicle. The Legends take on this mode is fairly well done and looks decent. Megatron's head is visible unfortunately and is the only real flaw to an otherwise perfect vehicle mode. The Ice colors are actually nicer on this mode than the original colors were and honestly I liked those a lot. This is also one of the most fun vehicles of the Movie Legends line. Displays well. Not much else to say, he's good.

Marks out of Ten for the following:

Price 7 With these figures being shelf warmers, the prices are going down, not worth the full price though.
Transformation 3 Not difficult at all.
Durability 9 both are very sturdy, and can take most anything one can dish out.
Fun 7 This is a mixed batch, Megatron is very fun, and Jazz has his moments as well, but in the end it's basically up to imagination
Overall 6.5 Not terrible, but the fact that it is a pair of repaints that really are not significantly different from there originals, makes them not such a compelling buy as the other AllSpark VS packs. However this is far better than I had imagined it.
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