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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:

Blackjack's review: Megatron

Name: Megatron
Function: Leader
Allegiance: Decepticon
Movie Legends (Legends of Cybertron [LOC] Series 8)

"I... Am... MEGATRON!!!"-- Megatron does an introdump, Transformers the Movie

The big slag maker is back in pint-size! Ever since Beast Wars... No, Generation 2, Megs and OP have been released in several different sized versions, to let kids with less dough get the characters they like.

The same is true of Movie Megatron. Released as a Legends of Cybertron (LOC), Voyager, Leader and the absolutely horrible Fast Action Battlers size classes, it is a fun thing comparing the different versions. First and foremost, I am a Megatron fan. I own five Megatrons, and two of them are of the Legends class variant. Megatron is an interesting character, alright.

Let's do a history! *deep breath* Megatron was a redeco of a toy previously released by Takara. The G1 version transforms into a Walther UNCLE handgun. He was reformatted into Galvatron in the Movie, while in the comics Megs and Galvy are two separate characters – in the US at least. In the UK, there are two Galvatrons and two Megatrons. Beat that. Next, G1 Megs got an Action Master toy. Next up again, in G2, Megs was released thrice, two versions transforming into a tank, one a ‘Gobot’ (small car moulds that would later be reused as RID’s Spychangers). Then, in Beast Wars, a second Megatron, descendant of the first, appeared. This guy, affectionately dubbed 'Megatron II' by fans, had at least four versions of his character released. Next up, Megs II appears in Beast Machines as the lead bad guy again. A Machine Wars Megatron, the first to adopt a jet alt mode, was also released. Following this is a new ten-changing Megatron, later Galvatron in RID. Next, in Armada, the Megatron there is once again a tank, and later got reformatted into Galvatron. In Energon, that Galvatron renamed himself Megatron, before again becoming Galvatron – both a gunship. Next, he repeats the cycle in Cybertron, calling himself Megatron again before becoming Galvatron yet again. Some things never change. Megatron of Cybertron is a triple changer with Batmobile and jet alternate modes. Around this time, Classics versions of Megatron – the not so affectionately dubbed Voyager class 'Nerfatron' and an updated Deluxe version of G2 Megs – and War Within and Masterpiece Megs all appeared. Then the Movie Megatron, a Cybertronian jet, arrived (the smallest version of which is reviewed here). The latest version is Animated Megatron – a V22 Osprey.

Long history.

Robot Mode:

Megs is packaged in this mode, so I'll start off here. The robot mode of Movie Megatron is infinitely complex, as is the transformation where the wings extend from inside the chest. Therefore, it is almost impossible to create a toy of him with a good robot and alternate mode, faithful to the film. Leader class did a good job of that, but based on pictures, I’d say that only the Leader class and LOC class deliver a convincing Movie Megatron (the Voyager class and Fast Action Battlers fall short in both modes).

LOC Megs sacrifices the robot mode, and therefore it’s the uglier of the two. His hands are deliberately two of the trident-things in jet mode. His legs become the wings, and so are very straight.

The head, chest and arms are painted in gray with black for details. The legs have painted details only on the inside.

LOC Megatron is very very fragile. The hands and head fall off easily. But they have ball joints and are made of soft plastic, and therefore can get loose. But that, film accuracy, and poseability are the only problems with the toy.

Transform it…

Alternate Mode:

…and we get the cute and deadly little jet mode. Awwww. Sarcasm aside, though, this jet mode is more film-accurate than his larger counterparts. Granted, smaller, but the wings are thin, without kibble, and the trident thing in front is present and correct... Simplicity is perfection. At least in one mode.

The little edges that help Megatron stand in jet mode falls off easily. Therefore, watch out. The jet mode is a great departure from the classic gun and tanks we are so fond of. Can't say I prefer it over, like, G2 or Masterpiece Megs, but it will do.

The head stares back at you, but due to the paint application Megatron's head doesn't stand out as much as his Leader class counterpart.

Megatron was rereleased in 'special value' packs, including a six-pack with LOC Jazz, Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Barricade and Starscream. I own two Legends Megatrons. How? When my fanboy little brother had his birthday, my dad bought the six-pack LOC set while I bought LOC Megatron and Deluxe Swindle. As such, I have two. As well as the Movie Leader version and Henkei Classics.

The jet mode is like nothing on earth. It might be based on many of the previous 'Cybertronian jet' modes of previous toys, such as Cybertron Galvatron, G1 Slugslinger, the Cybertronian versions of the Seeker jets and more.

Overall, a nice (if not durable) little toy. Cheap too. Recommended if you have money to burn, or you just like little widdle Twansfowmewrs.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Transformation: 3 – Very easy. What do you expect?
Durability: 4 – Damn ball joints. Makes the limbs soooo loose.
Fun: 8 – A teeny tiny Megatron! How can it not be fun? If you have bigger versions he can always be renamed Tailwind or some such.
Price: 1 – Very cheap.
Overall: 6 – He may not be a great display figure, and the robot mode ain't that good. But he is dirt cheap for a Transformer, the sole reason I bought him. And he's Megatron.
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