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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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zeoman4.5's review: LOC Optimus Prime

Name Optimus Prime
Function Commander of the Autobots
Group 07 Movie Legends of Cybertron

Of all the Transformers, none are as widely recognized as Optimus Prime. He is the epitome of the heroic character. Honest, kind,wise, and brave; not to mention the most powerful of the Autobot faction. So it is little surprise that in 2007 when the new TF movie was announced that Prime would be its star.

Actually, Optimus in the movie, although important, was not the actual star. The movie really centered more around the human aspect and the protector role of Bumblebee. In the end Prime and Megatron would fight, but instead of a heroic finish Prime gets saved by the human, Sam, at the last second. What a rip! Well, after all is said and done, I am here to write a review of the Legends of Cybertron Figure of this Movie Optimus. As one of the many Optimus Prime figures sold by Hasbro to promote this major money maker of theirs, I can say he is easily the least mentioned. I will shed light on this enigmatic figure now. Starting with....

Vehicle Mode
Usually I start my LOC reviews with robot mode since thats how they're packaged, but I want to save that for last. Anyway, Prime's vehicle mode is, you guessed it a Semi-truck, a Big rig, a tractor-trailer; whatever you want to call it. The style and brand I am not too sure. I've heard it being called a Mac truck, or an All- American. Names set aside, it is a very nice looking little truck. The paint nearly mirrors the look of the larger Leader Class figure. That being a split color scheme, the front part being red with blue flames and the cab being blue with red flames. The vents on top, the grill and bumper on the bottom are silver. A blue metallic paint was applied to the windshield , but the side windows are not painted.

The truck design is accurate to the actual truck from the movie, except in one area. This toy has only one exhaust stack, but the larger figures and the actual truck have 2.Other than that it looks good and plays well enough for being a small toy truck. There are some of those fake wheels that I hate, but I am willing to look past it because it has two other pairs of wheels that work. Plus, the fake wheels become joints for the legs. Overall, its not a bad toy truck, but the same can't be said for....

Robot Mode

After nearly praising his vehicle I find myself quite frightened by his robot mode. The idea was to make a robot out of the pieces of the truck, but somehow we get a robot that not only vaguely looks like Optimus Prime but also vaguely looks like a robot. It really is hard to tell what this guy is. If you look from a distance he kind of looks like a paper weight by Picasso. If you cut of his arms and head then there would be no evidence of him being a robot, thats how strange he is. The colors which flattered his vehicle form, now make his robot mode bland and inaccurate. The body vaguely resembles the Leader figure with the automorph pin and inner chest area in silver, and two little fake windows next to each shoulder.

The lower body is a mess. The upper leg portion is not so bad but the lower legs and feet look like more abstract art, with the wheels sticking out on either side.The arms are these big blocky things with some sort of weird inner joints carved in. The hands stick out the inner sides of the arms, making him look like he's got bent wrists. He can't even punch with them for crying out loud. The head is quite small and is easily over looked, however it has a good amount of detail. It is rather similar to Movie Prime's facial appearance in battle mode. It has a face plate, blue eyes, and a Prime helmet, good enough. This toy is well articulated but that doesn't really matter.

If you play with him much he'll fall apart. The joints are very loose and it just isn't fun to have Prime fall apart during a fight. No weapons, no action features, he really lacks. And displaying him is a bad idea, none of my friends can even recognize him. A disappointing robot mode to say the least.

Durability: 5 Although his main parts probably won't brake
from normal play, he falls apart way to much for my taste.

Transformation: 2 Much easy.

Price: Individually he would be around $4-$5, but mine was
part of a Target exclusive set of 4 for $10. Alone I'd say 3, with the other set he's a 9.

Fun: 4 Not too much fun sadly.

Overall: 3.5 Thats the best I could give him. Poor Prime
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