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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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zeoman4.5's review: LOC Ratchet

NAME: Autobot Ratchet
FUNCTION: Mechanic
SUB-GROUP: Movie Legend

Ah yes, my first review in weeks, and what is it about? The new movie Ratchet. Not the much talked about Voyager Class version, but the LOC. He has some good and a lot of bad. Let me start by explaining Ratchets of years past.

The Original 80's Ratchet was one of the Autobots sent to Earth on the Ark. He was called the "#1 Tool and Dye guy". The Autobot's best mechanic, he was constantly repairing the Bots after there battles. He was a bit of a smart mouth, and quite impatient. He was a White ambulance in vehicle mode. Later they made a Universe Ratchet, which was a re-paint of the RID X-Brawn Figure with a similar persona. That leads to the year 2007 and the new Transformers Movie, where Ratchet is a vital part of the Autobot team on earth to find the Allspark cube.

With that said, this guy really lacks on many levels, even for a LOC, but he is here, so here I go.

Robot Mode

Ratchet's robot mode is the first thing you'll see when you find one of these guys in a store. It's a very garish green, brighter and more gross than a Constucticon's green. There is some black and silver on pieces, which adds some detail, but doesn't fit in with the green at all. He has one small Autobot insignia stamped on his belly.

His body design is stout and broad chested, he has long legs and arms, and a small head. His facial features are brought out by the silver paint on his face. With a pidgeon like head and a large sloping nose, he looks like a cat with no ears. His parts are highly detailed in sculpt, but without proper colour, are appearing just green at a distance.

His only articulation is in his shoulders. They can move 360 degrees, on ball and socket joints. He has no other joints nor weapons neither gimmicks. An eye sore, that isn't much fun for play either.

Vehicle Mode

His vehicle mode is supposed to be a Hummer H2, but really does
a bad job of looking like one. The green looked bad in Robot mode, but now it looks horrible on the Vehicle. The only thing that this guy has over some LOC's is that his vehicle looks quite like a real car, even if it doesn't look much like a Hummer. The red pulse stripe on the side is a nice touch. The blue windshields and black racks add something to take your mind off of the green. His wheels roll well; He can be fun to play with in this mode, but no more fun than a Hot Wheels Car is. Due to his Robot parts(arms) being visible under the Hummer, he is not so good for display. Overall an iffy vehicle mode.

Transformation: 2. Easy but the clips are weird.
Durability: 9. Very durable, won't break from normal play.
Fun 4. Not all too fun. I've had Mcdonald's toys I liked better. No weapons, no articulation. He doesn't even look right.
Price: 5. Can't help but feel that $3.99 was to much for him
Overall: 4. Seriously, don't get this guy; unless you understand that he is not a very good TF, and just want him to finish a collection.
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