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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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electro girl's review: Mudflap

Name: Mudflap
Faction: Decepticon
Function: Reaching high things

MUDFLAP has a vicious reputation for turning his energon saw on disabled Autobots.

Mudflap is a repaint of Cybertron Mudflap, who I thought looked alright. I missed out on getting him so this came in very handy.


Mudflap is a large mobile crane used for lifting things that an average human could not by utilizing a pneumatic hook.

The main colour here is a straight forward yellow that adorns almost all of the vehicle mode, and seeing as the movie toys are supposed to represent real vehicles it's a sensible colour choice. White is used for the cabs on the vehicle front and the crane arm and crane cyber key slot. Black is used for the wheels and the black and yellow construction warning stripes that cover the crane arm and cab mounted missile. Grey/silver is used here and there on the front and back grills as well as the hook and the cab cyber key slot.

The first thing this mode puts out is that it's a large and powerful vehicle, it's big, it's long, it's got twelve wheels and a bloody great crane arm; yes, sir, if there is one thing Mudflap has to his advantage it's size. This size can be increased considerably by using one of the main features of the mode, the crane. It will extend to about twice its length and this is before you even think about inserting the cyber key, but more on that in a bit. The extended crane can then be rested on a guide on the cab roof. I find the crane to be an excellent feature, it can swing one hundred and eighty degrees, extend nicely and features a working piston made from soft plastic, very nicely done.

The mode is well detailed as well even if it's mostly in flat colour. The thing is chock full of grills and pumps and, my personal fave, the textured bottoms of the support pumps.

The bad points are few but noticeable. Firstly, the cab doesn't quite sit well on the front of the vehicle and can cause some wonkiness. The other is that the kibble from the crotch halves (I know, ouch) and shoulders is clearly visible from above on each side of the vehicles middle section.

This thing's got two cyber key slots, one one the cab and another on the crane. The cab slot is used to activate the missile launcher which flips forward to fire death all over the place. The other is on the crane and can be inserted one the crane has been extended releasing his energon saw this make the thing even longer and is pretty imposing.


This mode also gives the impression of size and power. The crane and cab are now each on an arm with the crane becoming a long imposing club. The overall robot is very loud, not in colour, but in the sheer volume of the noise the thing makes. CLACK CLACK CLACK with every movement. It frightens my dog for goodness sake! So other than the noise it's a decent robot with joints at the neck, shoulders, arms, elbows, torso, thigh, knees and feet. So with all that going on you'd think you could get some decent poses, and you can to an extent, but even with the big feet the crane can set it off balance and limit poseability. That said, without the crane this would be about as menacing as a giant metal bunny wabbit.

With the cyber key inserted he can really show off his power, anything he misses with the missile can be kept at bay with his energon saw, and the saw can cover a considerable surface area or a 'circle of doom' if you will.

A very nice robot indeed.


Transformation: 7- Nice and simple for chunky body parts, but by no means bad.
Durability: 10- This guy is like a rock, but you could break some parts if you tried hard enough.
Fun: 8- A great figure but noisy and limited poseability.
Price: 7- A lot of bang for a lot of buck or a lot of quack for a lot of quid? 20 is normal for the UK market, but it's still cheaper in the states.
Overall: 8- Enjoyable figure with fun features and few shortcomings.
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