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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Blackjack's review: First Strike Optimus Prime

Name: First Strike Optimus Prime
Class: Voyager
Transform: Peterbilt Semi Truck
Function: Leader

"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings."

Twenty-four plus years ago, in 1984, one of the greatest toylines ever created was launched... TRANSFORMERS! It was actually cobbled together by Hasbro/Takara from various toys from Takara's previous Microman, Diacron and Microchange lines to name a few, as well as other companies, such as Bandai, which caused legal problems with a certain white and red jet.

The greatest transformer in the original line? Undoubtedly, the great red an' blue truck, the leader of the Autobots, who kicks Megatron's arse from Earth to Cybertron and back... OPTIMUS PRIME!!!

We all love Prime and Megs. They have appeared in ALL the TV and comic series following G1. Despite Megs' varying appearance, Prime always turns into a red and blue truck/fire engine/vehicle, usually with a trailer.

When OP was introduced into the 2007 movie, Bay got a lot of flak about Optimus' vehicle colours. Keeping in mind I wanted a Prime as I missed both the original Voyager and Leader, the shipment came in with Nightwatch Leader and this one Prime. This Voyager repaint won me over, in that it is faithful to the red and blue truck, much better than Nightwatch 'Optimus Magnus' and cheaper too...


Keeping in mind that I like Decepticons better, I completed the movie Decepticons first, and missed out Prime and Ironhide. Just a few days ago I went shopping after a two month Transformer drought (after the exams I have money saved) and bought Overcast, Landmine, Salvage, Offroad Ironhide... And I wanted a Prime.

It was a straight choice between this Voyager one or the Nightwatch leader. This one is cheaper, ain't all blue, and... It's in G1 colours! Front is red with silver detailing, back is blue with black detailing... Perfect! I love it!

Adding to the G1 resemblance, it comes with smokestacks that can point frontwards to form an awkward attack mode. The rounded top reminds me of Classics Prime. The silver holomatter driver, an obvious jab at Microman toys, is still there. It will pop back when the door is opened. The guy has a cowboy style hat. As Kamen mentioned, the figure improves realism just by existing. Its still unpainted though.

As with all movie vehicles, Prime's vehicle mode is sculpted excellently, a perfectly detailed toy. This movie toy is probably seconded only by 20th anniversary prime or the leader class one in detailing.

The engine/smokestack assembly, in 'Attack Mode', looks like bull horns. In his mode, the missiles fires forward, and the missiles can knock Decepticons, say Bonecrusher or Blackout, down.

No trailer, but can be overlooked by the perfectly sculpted and coloured cab. The back part of the Cab can be used to 'tow' other Autobots, such as Ironhide or Landmine, instead of a trailer.

The transformation is radically different from the G1, but suits me down to ground. This is unmistakably G1 Prime. The upper body is all red with bits of windshield and gray, while the legs are blue with gray foot.

This guy, except for colouring, is an excellent representation of Optimus Prime in the movie. Also excellently modeled after G1 Prime, especially with the dual guns/smokestacks that can mount on the shoulders or forearms. Arms and helmet are blue, a lá G1 Prime. Each finger is molded but immobile. The head is blue and gray. The main top body is red with light blue for the windows, and gray/blue for the legs.

Thank Primus they didn't put the bloody mouth in.

There are overlapping layers, adding to the realism. The guns fires, by the way, and it accidentally fires into my eye when I examined the gun. Lucky I had spectacles. This toy's knee connectors pops off easily, making posing some poses hard. The shoulder weakness mentioned by Kamen is gone here. At least in mine it is gone.

Scale wise he is the right size, just a bit taller than Bonecrusher, and can perform the road fight. All we need is the sword... He is shorter than (Leader) Megatron, which is so in the Movie, making playability so much better. Optimus Prime's chest is made up of faux windows and detailings.

Prime has no waist joint, a bad thing that. The front nose of the truck can be seen clearly on the back of the head, but not too ugly though. The head doesn't swivel up and down, which is a shame, considering the easiness Hasbro can put a ball joint there, but nobody's perfect.

Display wise both modes are great, with G1 colours, and hey, he is the great Optimus Prime. What is there not to love about him? Aside from the bloody kibble at the back...

The front nose of the truck can be folded back, to show a 'kibble-less' and more movie accurate Optimus Prime. However, this will make the balance all wrong. One of the bad things in this figure.

One thing to note: the twin smokestack guns mount on either the shoulders for a G1 look or the forearms, with make believe triggers that look like the hands are holding them.

9 Very sturdy. Won't break in a long time.
TRANSFORM 6 in hardness 8 in design.
PRICE 9 Prime as a Voyager instead of Leader comes as a surprise to me.
FUN 10 Hey, he is Prime! With two guns! And a G1 repaint!
OVERALL 9 Optimus Prime. Movie. Two guns. Voyager. Durable. G1 repaint. Get it now, it is much better paintjob than Leader Nightwatch Prime, and a more detailed vehicle mode than Animated Prime. The reason he's not a '10' is for the truck head on the back.
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