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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
Robot Mode:
Alternate Mode:
Box Art:
Technical Specifications:

zeoman4.5's review: High Score 100

Name: High Score 100
Function: Unknown
Group: Movie 07 Real Gear Robots
Motto: “Plug in, turn on, power up.”

High Score 100 has been made into a master martial artist by years of watching some of the most dangerous fighters in the known universe try their skill against one another. By careful observation, and copying their moves over and over again, he has reached a level of fighting skill previously unheard of among Transformers. If you are patient, and willing to learn, he will teach what he knows, but be warned the path to ultimate power is fraught with hazards.

Let me just start by saying this is the first Real Gear TF I’ve done a review of. These figures are a novelty of sorts. The idea of changing from an electronic device to a robot has been used since the beginning days of Transformers; it originates with the Micro Man series. Such timeless classics as Soundwave, Perceptor, and Blaster are in line with these newly released figures.

There are some interesting things to note about the written information on this figures box. First his name, 100 points is not a very high score for most games. Also his motto, “Plug in”? He’s a wireless controller; why does he need to plug in? Finally, if what his bio says is correct then all the years I spent watching the characters on video games and TV should have made me a warrior on par with Goku from DBZ. All that set aside I like the way Hasbro tried to describe High Score. He serves a very limited function, as a
bot that can copy moves any fighter. Anyhow, lets get to the review.

Alternate Mode:
High Score’s alternate mode is that of a wireless video game controller. He is a general mix between an X-box 360 and a PS3 controller. He has a directional pad as well as two joy sticks. “R” and “L” triggers on either top side are complemented by the numberless and non-lettered buttons on the right hand side. In addition to these he also has three other buttons which, although unlabeled, I presume are supposed to be the “Start”, “Select”, and perhaps “Turbo” buttons. He also has molded on grips for the handles, and a very obvious slider on the front.

As far as color and style are concerned, he is mostly an off white color. His buttons are one of two colors. Either grey, as is the case for the joysticks, or green, which adorns the triggers. He has a single black Autobot symbol. He looks alright, not spectacular, but alright. His pieces do not fit together
perfectly, which is the main problem I have for this mode. Considering that this is the first controller type Alt. mode for a Transformer ever, I think this little guy gave it a good try and turned out better than I expected. Not so much for play, but very novel indeed.

Robot Mode:
After an easy bit on transforming, High Score is in his battle ready robot mode. He is still relatively the same color wise, although the green is far more obvious in this mode considering its on his chest. He has large gorilla like forearms, a pair of small legs with rather large flat feet, a large armored upper body that leads to a slender midsection, and a small head adorned with a pink visor and grey mouth plate. Overall, he has the primate look to the cue, making him appear as a very capable warrior and rather tough.

Well, he has a good range of articulation. His arms bend and rotate at the elbow and shoulder. His legs are socket jointed to his waist which also rotates. Knees bend and feet have two point of articulation. Finally, his head is on a socket joint allowing a wide range of motion. Other than the
his larger than usual arms and supposed fighting skill, High Score is unarmed. Not like I was expecting him to be; you pay for novelty with these types anyway. Nicely done appearance wise, plus, rather fun for playing with in this form. Cool enough for my sake.

Marks out of Ten for the following:

Price: 6 Kind of lacking for the price of $7.99
Durability: 7 Not the toughest toy, but holds together better than some Real Gears.
Transformation: 4 Easy only trick is getting some parts to look right when together.
Fun: 8 Very fun for a little robot, just for the sake of the kick butt fighting poses he can do.
Overall: 7 Good but really a novelty item at best, not a must have Transformer, none the less fun and unique. If you want a Real Gear Robot why not buy this guy and give him a good home?
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