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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Zeoman4.5's review: Photon T-34

Name Photon T-34
Group 07 Movie Real Gear Decepticons
Function Sabotage

"Scout, Shoot, Sabotage"

Photon T-34 works alone. He doesn't like other robots getting in the way of
his work, which is sabotaging Autobot structures. Special sensors in his lenses
let him target and analyze the worst weakness of any structure. He uses this data to plan the dramatic destruction of roads, bridges, and buildings when
the Autobots least expect it.

Let me just say that the original purpose for me getting this figure was to
alleviate my extreme boredom at college. After a matter of hours of deliberation, I went to the closest store that sold Transformers and then came another
time of indecision. About thirty minutes later I emerged from the store with
my new Photon T-34 figure. I do not usually purchase re-paints, especially
ones of figures I already own. I had liked Spy Shot, but firmly put my foot
down when I first was given info on the later sets of Real Gears. No matter
the circumstances, I did get another, and I'm gonna review this rather
obscure character.

Before I do the actual review, I just want to give a brief opinion on Real Gear,
and well the movie swag as a whole. It really upsets me that Hasbro brought
out so many figures of shoddy quality, that usually depicted nothing but
Hasbro's lack of creativity and desire for more money. I realize that many
Real Gear robots are good toys and I like the ones I own, but I know that the
whole reason for these figures wasn't to bring out quality figures for the
devoted fans but to make quick dollars off of the masses of unknowing kids.
That's just an opinion though, and although it bugs me, I won't let it get in
the way writing a fair review.

Gear Mode
Photon's alternate mode is a digital camera. He is a very generic and plain
one at that. Its a nice alternate form, that makes me a little nostalgic for the
original Reflector. His color scheme is mostly black with gray and silver for the
area around the lenses and on the buttons. He's not very well disguised
though. He has a bold white Decepticon insignia on the face, as well as his
name written on the bottom of the front. On top he has a single working
button, and it clicks well... On the back there are a few buttons,
a wide/tight angle button, a menu button, an arrow pad, a forward, and
reverse button. Finally there is a picture of the Movie Frenzy on the screen
on the back. Why he is spying on his on comrade is beyond me, but its a nice

Robot Mode
Now we have his robot mode. It looks a lot more like the robots from the
Armada through Cybertron set than anything seen in the Transformers movie.
In addition to the main black, there is still silver and gray on the lens area
and buttons, but now some gold on the upper legs, shoulders, and helmet.
There is a littler blue on his helmet and lower legs. His over all shape makes
him look rather blocky. The main lens serves as his body. His arms are
a split of the top and left side of the camera. His legs are the right side split.
He hides a lot of robot parts well in his little camera form. His face brings the
entire look of the figure together. The large square helmet encloses a smug
looking face with a pair of large lenses for eyes. He looks like he can see
right through you. Very nice.

His robot mode is reasonably articulated. Ball joints on the shoulders, hips,
and elbows. He's got knees that bend in two directions, and some very nice
pincher claws for hands. The head is also ball jointed, allowing him to look
around. He is very poseable, and with this new paint color, the mould is a
great display piece. Like most Real Gears he has no weapons, but he can do
without them. The only complaint I have is that the light piping in his eyes
does not work. Other than that and the fact that his lower arms come off
easily, he is a good figure. Fun, simply put.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Price 6 He cost me $7.99 which is a bit much for a weaponless TF.
Durability 7 The lower arms come off a lot, and the over all figure is
wobbly. No serious breakage yet....
Transformation 6 moderate difficulty, parts don't always want to come
together properly which makes it a pain.
Fun 8 He is a fun little bot, He fits in well in my collection and I can
appreciate him as a troop in my Decepticon army. Looks cool and plays well,
good combo.
Overall 7 It is a good figure and stands apart from his Autobot
counterpart. He is worth picking up if you are a fan of Real Gears, or
if you need a good figure to build up your collection.
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