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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Alternate Mode:
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Zeoman4.5's review: Power Up VT6

Name Power Up VT6
Function Unknown
Group 07 Movie Real Gear Robots Decepticon

"Gaming the System"

As dangerous as he is slick looking, POWER UP VT6 is a master of manipulation. Able to connect to any data source within range, he specializes in deleting important information. Few DECEPTICONS are as frustrating to have around. Be careful when interacting with him; special receptors in his screen can scramble your brain right through your eyeballs.

Ahh memories..... I remember back almost a year ago when TF fans of all ages
where waiting patiently, or not, for the yet unreleased Movie toys. On the
very day they were marked for release at local retailers, my brother and I
rush out, on bikes, to the nearest Walmart to get our toy hoarding hands on
some new figures. The first thing I noticed was that the Walmart was late on
stocking their toys and I had to stop my brother from crying After that ordeal was over we left Walmart and rushed to the Kmart down the road. They had the figures, for $3 more than the list price of every figure. Any how, one of the things that caught my eye first was the Real Gear figures. My bro and
I each picked up one. He got Power UP and I got Longview. I am reviewing the Power Up figure, and I will now get on with it.

Alternate mode
Power Up's alternate form is that of a hand held gaming system. It is a sort of
mix between a Nintendo Game Boy Micro and a Sony PSP. The button
configuration is basically a direction pad on the left, four colored buttons on
the right, and a pair of black buttons, presumably the Start and Select/back
buttons. The details on the front of the system are pretty good. There is a
small speaker moulded on the front under the screen, a small battery light
on the top left, and of course the screen itself. The screen is a sticker of a
non-existent Transformers game. It depicts a city backdrop with Cybertron
Jetfire firing at the screen, and the basic icons on the screen of a shooter.
(Score, Health bar, and Aiming Reticule) It also has his own Decepticon badge on it as well, blending in very well I might add. From the front it is
quite nice but from any other angle it is easy to see it as a fake. From the top
you can see the robot head, from the bottom you can see his legs, and from
the rear it is just flat. Its a very novel transformation, but I can't say its very
good because it lacks in realism, although the buttons can be pressed unlike
some other Real Gears.

Robot Mode
After his mostly Automorph transformation process, you have his robot mode.
It slightly resembles the form of the Original Soundwave, but it is also really
off. His body is mainly the screen with the Start and Select buttons near the
waist of the robot, like how Soundwave has a set of buttons in the same
place. His two sides now are his arms and legs. The lower portions with the
D-pad and buttons are now his very over sized lower legs. They are way too
big compared to his body thickness and just look out of place. You would
think having such large feet would help him stand, but they have round heals,
so he falls over like nobody's business. His arms are a little on the flimsy side
but look OK. Pincher hands are a nice touch. His head is pretty nice, its very
sleek and has a pair of beady little eyes and a scowl. His overall color scheme
is grey and black, with a bit of neon green on the face and feet and purple on
mid-arms, waist, hips and hands. His eyes have good light piping on them as

He has reasonable articulation, mostly ball and hinge joints. Thirteen points
in all. Other than his pincher hands, he has no weapons, and honestly
nothing worth mentioning. He is very bland, obscure almost. I don't really like
his robot mode. It makes me all nostalgic for G1 Soundwave, but turns out like
playing a game of Transformers the Mystery of Convoy online, disappointing.

Marks out of Ten for the following:

Price 5 He cost $7.99 for the little content he delivers, not the best
for the price.
Transformation 3 Not very difficult, kinda fun though...
Durability 7 Holds together well, but I haven't given it much play...
Fun 5 He is basic, plain, lacks anything other than basic robot play and
the novelty of being hand held.
Overall 5 He isn't the worst TF ever, but he is no must have. This guy
has spent nearly a year on my shelf and seen so little play. I can say he is
only really worth getting if you want all the Real Gear figures or if you are a
die hard video game fan.
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