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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Blackjack's review: Salvage

Name: Salvage
Alligeance: Autobot
Function: Transport?
Alternate mode: Chevy Silverado pickup truck
Subgroup: Allspark movie deluxe

Ah, the Allspark powered toy line, which features repaints for nearly all of its toys. Which is good, really, since I missed Dropkick.

I knew this guy is gonna be a repaint/redeco of the Decepticon Dropkick. Photos in the net of Dropkick failed to draw me to him, especially the robot mode. So in short, I did not plan to get Salvage or Dropkick

What changed? Well I read the review of Dropkick by our beloved pickup-loving Numbat. His excellent review convinced me to try my luck on this toy. Plus, I like the Insecticons.


Salvage is based on a Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck. Salvage is obviously based on Sparkplug & Son auto repair shop in the G1 comics, as their tow truck is also red, notably in Marvel #11.

On the door there is stamped 'Sparkplug and Son', an Autobot symbol and 'Salvage', all in silver.

Unlike Dropkick, who has the humongous Decepticon insignia on the hood and bonnet, Salvage is coloured plain red, with silver for detailing, yellow for lights and neon blue for the windows and lights, which hints at the Allspark power in the Autobot.

We can't have this review without mentioning the truck bed. Basically, the knob, which ruins the perfectly sculpted bed, pushes out a 'crusher claw' from the back of the truck. Salvage might benefit more to have weaponry up front. This truck bed, like Numbat mentioned in his review, detracts the whole 'robot in disguise' factor with the oddly placed knob. Remove it; it is much better to use the truck bed in robot mode.

Without the truck bed, out comes a gorgeously sculpted pickup truck. The rear window is still unpainted. Salvage can 'tow' other deluxe class Autobots, such as Bumblebee or Landmine.

A perfect alternate mode. Moving on...


Despite being a non-entity, Salvage, like the other toy-only Transformers, received superb detailing in the truck mode, and the robot mode.

Numbat ain't lying. This sure is an Insecticon homage. Although Salvage has a more Autobot-ish head, his locust legs and head antennae more than resembles the Insecticon Kickback.

The wheel and doors on the shoulder can be taken as an interpretation of Shrapnel's iconic antenna. The underhand blasters sure resemble Bombshell's.

In this mode Salvage has more brown and silver to replace the red. Baby blue can be seen more clearly, indicating the Allspark's power.

Salvage can hold the truck bed as an odd type of over-sized weapon. Probably a reference to Chopshop/Shrapnel's pincers, but that would be stretching.

A little feature I like: the front grilles can be placed over the hands as an odd type of shield.

Overall, a great robot mode, with kibble placed in appropriate parts.

9 nicely done!
DURABILITY: 8 Durable but there are some parts that might break easily.
FUN: 10 I had fun with Salvage, sure!
PRICE: 10 cheap enough for an excellent figure
OVERALL: 8 perfect, but deducted a couple of points for the truck bed.
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