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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Clay's review: Stockade

Name: Stockade
Function: none given
Scale: 1/40

Stockade is another new toy that's been released towards the end of the Movie Line. Stockade is based on the SUVs that the men-in-black use in the film.

Alternate mode:

Stockade's alternate mode is that of a Cadillac Escalade, or a very close approximation thereof. The truck is black and features the Sector Seven logo on the front doors. The wheels roll, and that's about all this mode offers. Being a black and predominantly nondescript SUV, Stockade isn't much to look at. I will give a salute to whoever made the decision to make the SUV transformer an evil one. Nicely done!

Robot mode:

Stockade is a beast in robot mode. His hands nearly drag the ground. The arms don't have too many joints in them, but the shoulders have ball-and-socket joints, which allow for a decent amount of stances.

The most attractive feature of the robot is the detail in the sculpted mechanical parts. Unlike the SUV mode, which smooth and sleek, Stockade's robot form has many intricate little patterns cut into the panels: pistons, wires, hydraulics, etc. The lower legs especially have a great sculpt of overlapping armor plates.

And again unlike the SUV mode, Stockade The Robot has a decent amount of color to him. Two shades of gray, teal and light blue help liven up the deco a bit. The cool/dark color scheme, coupled with the faceplate on the head, remind me a bit of Scourge, albeit much bulkier in appearance.

Stockade also appears to have an auxiliary face carved into his chest, and I'm not sure why. However, many of the other movie toys (Swindle, Payload, Wreckage) have some sort of weapon mounted in their abdomen, so Stockade's chest-face may have been intentional.

Transformation: 9. Stockade's incredibly simple, but figuring out where to start the first time can be a bit of a puzzle.
Durability: 7. Stockade is built without any fragile joints, so breaking the toy is highly unlikely. However, the left arm on mine has a habit of popping off since the joint isn't tight enough, which is rather annoying.
Fun: 8. The SUV is a nice replica (and durable enough to smash around) even if it is rather uninteresting to the eye, and the robot has decent articulation.
Price: 8. Stockade is pretty typical of the $10 class.
Overall: 8. I like Stockade for the same reason I like Dropkick: variance in body types. It seems that with most of the non-movie cast toys, Hasbro have taken to making robots that are more oddly shaped than past designs. Dropkick is essentially a big grasshopper, and Stockade is something of an ogre. Stockade may not have any weapons or other additional play features, but he does have a nicely done alternate mode and stands out from the other robots on the shelf.
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