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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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zeoman4.5's review: Storm Surge

Name Storm Surge
Function Naval Combat?
Group Target Exclusive Movie Scout Class Decepticon

Storm Surge is so named because of his all-encompassing approach to
combat. Allies and opponents alike rarely leave a fight in which he is involved
without being soaked in corrosive salt acid, or bathed in jellied gasoline.
During fights at sea, the water around him erupts constantly into geysers as
his depth charges roll indiscriminately into the ocean. On land, he sprays the
area around him with emitters housed on his arms, figuring that the more
destructive power he puts out, the more likely it is he'll take out his Autobot

Storm Surge is one of the toys I'd like to call a random buy. Being that I got
him at random. Really I bought him to use as an opponent for my Warpath
figure I got a month prior. He is a basic repaint of the Cybertron toy line's
Shortround figure. I had one too, but I traded him off for a G1 Twintwist
figure. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Anyhow I am quite fond of
oceanic TFs seeing as there are very few of them. My favorite, of course,
is Seaspray. I'm not really sure were the name Storm Surge originates,
however since this is such minor figure I didn't really look into the name's
origin. I can vaguely remember a G2 figure of the name and I know there
was an Armada Minicon by this name as well. The Minicon was pretty cool.
Well enough of this babble, time for my review.

Vehicle mode
Storm Surge's vehicle form is a boat. Total surprise right? Yeah I know, the
name makes it pretty hard not to guess the fact that he's a boat. The type
I'm not really sure. Considering the fact that he is a repaint of a Cybertron
line mould he could be a purely fictional boat. He looks quite nice though.
The colors are split into segments on his boat mode. The bottom flotation
part of the ship is black. The mid-section of the ship is white with a single
orange stripe with the Sector 7 logo on either side. The topmost part of the
ship has a dark blue paint color. He has all sorts of little detail bits too.
Three little sky blue windows on the front, a pair of hover fans on top, and
on the rear two huge engines for forward propulsion. He looks very nice,
in moulding at least he seems to be an homage to the G1 Seaspray design.
He has a set of wheels underneath which work to a degree, and a removable
central gun. His Cyber Planet Key activates a pair of flip out missile launchers
for added offensive power. I'd say adequate for a figure of his size and price.

Robot Mode
Storm Surge's robot mode definitely looks oceanic. He has a pair of black
tentacle like arms, formed from the bottom of his boat mode. He really doesn't
have any hands but can hold his gun via holes on either arm that the peg on
the bottom of the gun can fit into. His legs are a bit on the stubby side.
Blue and white clad he has a fan on either knee, and the front of the boat
forms his feet. His body is in two distinct sections. The lower half being grey
with a bit of sky blue thrown in to show he has "Allspark power!!!". The top
half of his body is wider, rather square, and painted white and blue. The
vents on either side of his chest are also Allspark Blue. His engines are on
his back now, forming a cool little diving propulsion pack. His head/face really
pulls the look of this guy together. A black helmet with a pair of long pointed
ears protects his face which is shaped like a scuba mask.

He has got alright articulation. His shoulders move 360 degrees and his
elbows can bent 90 degrees. His hips joints are ball jointed and his knees can
be bent as well. His head is also on a ball joint. He has his gun as well as his
Cyber Key powered missile launchers for armaments. He is very fun to play
around with and looks O.K. on display as well. He looks likes he can give
any Autobot one heck of a fight on the high seas or on land as well.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Price 6 He cost me about $7.99, which is not bad but could be better.
Durability 8 rather sturdy, very tough joints, and his paint doesn't
scratch easily either.
Transformation 5 Fun and a little tricky due to tight joints.
Fun 8 A fun little villain, a good sea based TF.
Overall 7 This is a good figure, but his limited selling time and location
make him kinda tough to get a hold of. He is worth your while if you don't
have a Shortround figure yet, or if you like oceanic TFs. Other wise he is
not really a must have, but I suggest trying him out any way.
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