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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Zeoman4.5's review: Warpath

Name Warpath
Function Warrior?
Group Target Exclusive Movie Scout Class figures

Warpath isn't really into following orders. The way he sees it, if Optimus Prime was all that into freedom, he'd let the other Autobots do what they wanted instead of trying to command them all the time. For his part, Warpath is happy to fight the Decepticons, because those guys are serious need of a beat down. But he'll do it his own way, and on his own time.

Warpath was one of those G1 Autobots you just couldn't forget. Why? Well
because he like many other Generation One TFs had a very humorous
personality glitch. He would begin to randomly spout off expletive words such
as "Wam! Bam! Zow! and Ka-Blam!!!!" He was one of the most zealous
fighters of the Autobot ranks. Along with his enormous power and strength,
he definitely out lived his diminutive Mini-car stature. His toy blurb describes
him as a bit prideful and vain, but a great warrior. Anyhow, fast forward about twenty years and we finally get to have a new version of this memorable little bot. Unfortunately he is little more than a repaint of the
Cybertron Scout figure Overhaul. A new mould would have been far better,
but this guy isn't bad, and is a bargain compared to some other Movie line
figures. On to the review.

Vehicle mode
Warpath's vehicle form is a small 4x4 vehicle. He reminds me of a Blazer or a
Tahoe. To be quite honest I'm not sure what he is exactly, he is some type
of rugged, off-road SUV. He has got about a 50-50 paint scheme. Half black
and half brick red, he also has a few sky blue details painted on and silver
rims and head lights. Looks pretty good altogether. The red is off by
comparison to the G1 version, but goes well with this mould.

As far as play is concerned he has all the basics for a good vehicle mode.
Well rolling wheels, Check! Very durable, Check! and a cool paint job, Check!

Robot Mode
After a short but fun transformation, we have his robot mode. He looks, once
again, rugged. The paint scheme is again Brick red and black with a bit
more blue and a little silver. His body is short and stocky, built like a bulldog.
He has a well armored exterior, with his vehicle parts forming large pieces of
plating on his knees and the back of his shoulders. He has a cold stare on
his face and and a light pipe eyes that glow an eerie light-blue. Looks nice,
NOTHING like the original Warpath, but nice none the less.

Functioning parts on this guy are figurative term. He should have shoulder and elbow articulation, but due to the large shoulder plates on his back and
the wheels and claws on his lower arms they can barely do anything. Luckily
his legs are un-hindered by anything, and have waist, hip and knee joints for
some nice battle stances. Weapons include a pair of wrist mounted claws and
his Cyber key activated projectile launcher. It is located in his chest just as
the original Warpath's cannon was in on his chest. (or was his chest... )
It fires well and makes him a rather fun figure in all.

Marks out of ten for the following:

Price 6 This guy will run you about $7.99 at Target. Not so great for
the overall content but still cheaper and better than many other toys.
Durability 8 Rather durable, he doesn't brake easily.
Transformation 3 Pretty simple. Enjoyable none the less.
Fun 8 Yes he is quite fun to play with and looks good on display.
Overall 7 For a scout class figure he is pretty good, and he is one
of the coolest of the Target lot, but is nothing like the G1 figure of his
namesake. If you are looking for a modern version of the Original Warpath
keep lookin', but if you want a good over-all bot for an easy to handle price,
look no further.
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