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Transformers Toy Review Archive (older series, 1984 to date)
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Blackjack's review: Megatron

Name: Megatron
Code: MP-05
Alligeance: Decepticon
Function: Leader
Series: Masterpiece
Motto: "Peace through tyranny!"

"I am alpha and omega, the beginning and the end. I am that which is, which was, and is yet to come... and you will know my name is Megatron when I lay my vengeance upon you!"--Covenant of Primus, Beast Wars

"Everything is fodder."--Megatron's comic motto
"Such heroic nonsense."--Megatron, TFTM
"I. Am. Megatron."--Movie Megatron
"All hail Mighty Megatron!"--Shane McCarthy, also Animated Lugnut


If you don't know who Megatron is, you'd never venture into this website by purpose. When you first know of Transformers, everybody tells you--the good guy is Optimus Prime, the bad guy is Megatron. You can bring on Galvatron, Starscream, Shockwave, Ratbat, Scorponok, Straxus, Jhiaxus, Unicron, Soundwave, Cyclonus, the Combaticons and whoever else you can think of. Megatron will be the main bad guy in the Transformers series.

No. He's not the one with the rubber ducky. That's his successor.

Ever since he first appeared in the comics (beside Soundwave and Ravage looking at Cybertron) and the TV show, where he was voiced by legendary voice actor Frank Welker (who voiced Scooby Doo, Fred, the Claw, Soundwave, Groove, Chromedome and all six of the Cassetticons among his extensive career. I know. I'm impressed too.). Like him or loathe him, Megatron's here to stay.

Bob Budiasky, the designer of the Transformers' personality and the writer of all early Marvel comics, said that Megatron is a portmanteau of megaton and electronic. Hasbro actually thought "Megatron? That sounds like megaton, a kind of bomb. Won't the kids be scared of it?" to which uncle Bob said "Duh, he's the BAD GUY! He's supposed to scare people." then, Hasbro went "Oh." and gave the thumbs up for the name.

Actually, the general accepted fictional appearance of Megatron, i.e. how he appeared in the TV and comic differs from the toy, like Huffer or Bumblebee. Unlike them, who only have different faces and limbs, Megatron is very different, and is a mix of his toy and another Diaclone/Microman toy (maybe Browning) to look more human-like. And to make a gun that transformed into a show-accurate Megatron is not an easy task to do. For Optimus Prime and Starscream, you only need to make a larger version of their G1 toys, add more detailing and poseability, and voila! You get a Masterpiece toy.

Not so for Megatron. They made a completely new mold based on his original G1 toy but features a different robot mode and transformation. And the detailing is impressive.

A quick history of Megatron. In the Animated G1 show he led the Decepticons for Season 1 and 2, and was injured grievously by Optimus Prime in Transformers the Movie, and was ejected from Astrotrain by Starscream. And then he met Unicron, and... Well you know the story.

In the Marvel comics he had a more complicated story, what with Simon Furman introducing two Galvatron and later retconned the US storyline with two Megatron. Go wiki it, while I wait here. Go on, this review won't go

Unless I edit it, of course.

Back so soon?


In the Dreamwave comics, Megatron is about the same, the leader of the Decepticons, and was beaten up real good by Shockwave, ejected by Starscream... But not recreated to Galvatron. Yet. I'll bet my TFA account that Dreamwave would do that somewhere in the run... But Dreamwave got cancelled. Too bad.

In the IDW comics Megatron got a badass persona in the Infiltration series, taking down Skywarp, Blitzwing and Starscream without breaking a sweat, and scaring the crap out of the other Autobots and Decepticons. So as not to spoil the IDW series for those who haven't read it, I shall not reveal any more. Sufficient to say Megatron's origin in... eh, Megatron's Origin series, is not good. The plot is interesting, but poorly told.

That's all for his history in media, but...

Not the name history! The name Megatron first appeared as the leader of the Decepticons from 1984 in the G1 toyline. A redeco of Takara's earlier Microman Walther P38 toy. Next an Action Master toy for Megs, very show accurate (except he didn't transform) was released at the end of G1. Two toys for Megatron--both M1A1 Abrams tanks to follow toy rules--were released in G2. Then, Megatron goes jet, an F22, in the short Machine Wars line. In Beast Wars, a new Megatron, successor of G1 Megatron, appeared. This one transformed into a T-rex, later got upgraded into a Transmetal T-Rex, and a Transmetal 2 Dragon. In Beast Machines Megatron is... hard to describe, as he's basically hard-wired into Cybertron, with Grand Mal and Noble/Savage, but his toy is based off the Beast Wars TM2 Dragon. Next up, in RiD, the Megatron of that universe is a sixchanger, and later became Galvatron, a tenchanger. RiD Megatron is one of my first toys, though he's gone now. A new tank Megatron appears in Armada. In the US version he got changed into Galvatron (Megatron super mode in Japan). That Megatron was reborn in Energon as a gunship Megatron (Galvatron in Japan. This is confusing.) and later upgraded into Galvatron (Galvatron Super Mode in Japan.). That Galvatron was reborn once again in Cybertron as Megatron again, a batmobile this time, and later got recreated as Galvatron again. He never gets tired of this. In the intermediate between Cybertron and Movie, Megatron got a Classics toy, transforming into a Nerf gun. A new toy representing Beast Wars Megatron was also released at this point. Then in the Movie Megatron transforms into a Cybertronian jet that looks like G1 Thunderwing, Energon Megatron and RiD Megatron's jet modes put in a blender and painted silver. Next stop, Animated, where he is a V22 Osprey. Who have I forgotten? A Deluxe and Legend sized toy were produced representing G2 Megatron in Classics-Universe line. Henkei also had a more G1-accurate paintjob of the Classics 'Nerfatron'. Ah. There's Masterpiece Megatron. Which is why we're here.

Sorry for the long introduction. I get sentimental with Megatron.

"You- you look like a gun... But I never seen a gun do what you just did! So what are you?"--Joey Slick, Marvel comics
"...Take me and let loose Armageddon on these heathen aliens!"--Megatron ordering Starscream to use him in gun mode, Devastation

According to both War Within comics and the IDW series, Megatron's Cybertronian mode was a 'hyper-tank'. It looked very bad ass. I suppose it's better than Marvel Optimus 'box-with-wheels-and-a-gun-on-top' Cybertronian mode...

Sarcasm aside, Masterpiece Megatron transforms into an exact replica of his G1 self--a Walther P38 handgun, in all matters except for the fact Megs don't fire (of course) and the size.

Ah yes, the size. Originally Takara wanted to make a 1:1 scaled toy of Megatron, giving him an exact sized gun mode. But they later decided to make Megs' robot mode to scale with Masterpiece Prime and Starscream. And an out-of-scale gun would prove better in facing the law. Thus--Megatron's over sized gun mode.

It has impressive Alternator-level detailing, and I can say that it looks exactly like a Walther gun. Google a picture if you don't believe me. The amount of effort placed in this toy scares me. No wonder this toy got into trouble on airports.

Other than having some difficulty holding it, Megatron is a superb replica of a gun since... Well, since G1 Megatron and Browning, I guess. Other Transformers in G1 that transformed into guns include: Shockwave, Sixshot, Galvatron, Quickswitch and the Targetmasters, although Shockwave and Sixshot transforms into giant space guns, and none of those listed above are realistic guns.

Megatron has a mock hammer, and his fusion cannon can be attached on top, as ever. His trigger clicks, but does not activate anything. Megatron is very solid in this mode, but I won't recommend dropping him or twisting him to test it. He's rather fragile and bloody expensive. He has 'P-38' tampographed on his side. Oh, and there's no kibble! Yay!

"I thought he'd be bigger."--Sentinel Prime on Megatron, Megatron Origin.
"... for I am its (the Decepticon cause's) fiery heart and soul!"-- Megatron, Devastation

The real treat is the robot mode! Heavily show-accurate, easily putting my other Megatrons to shame, beating Movie Leader Megatron in terms of height and coolness, downing Henkei Megatron, Beast Wars Megatron, and squishing my Legends class toys with ease--behold, Masterpiece Megatron in all his robot mode glory!

He's rather fragile, so be careful in handling him. One word of warning: he's not for constant playing. I mean, it's okay to take it down from the shelf and fiddle with it and make him beat up Autobots once in a while, but not everyday. His chrome will wear and his joints will get loose and break. Yes, he's one expensive and fragile toy.

Detailing extend into placing the stickers that decorate Megatron's midsection--those red and blue things under his chest--into molding. Impressive.

His poseability is wonderful, but it's a bit weak at the hip and shoulders, due to them coming off easily. He has ankle joints that enable him to stand well. Megatron's best feature is still his fingers. Common among the Masterpiece line, each finger can move by itself. In most other toys hands are just plastic with little holes, or maybe the thumb moves. His feet, as well as some random bits are chromed.

His excellently sculpted face has an expression that could be interpreted as arrogance, pride, and just have that evil evil look to it. All hail Megatron!

He's exactly like how we know him: gun barrel on right side of his back... Large fusion cannon (maybe a tad too large) on right hand... black feet with red insides... Silver body... It's perfect. And pictures speak a thousand words.

Anyway, Megatron stands rather well, but he's not complete without the accessories and bonuses included within!

Fusion Cannon
"Heh... Something to make sure that a fair fight is the other guy's problem." Starscream on Megatron's fusion cannon, Megatron Origin

Megatron won't be complete without his iconic fusion cannon. Be it the barrel of his tank turret, or the large cannon in gunship mode, or his traditional black viewfinder, his fusion cannon is iconic and is always a big honking cannon on his right arm. No, Michael Bay's "two-hands-combine-into-gun" fusion cannon is not that impressive. A large black cannon on a mainly silver-gray bot is much more bad ass than all gray gun on an even more gray robot.

While the right size in gun mode, it is a bit too large and long in robot mode, upsetting his poseability. But a fusion cannon's still a fusion cannon, and at least it's removable. It is very show accurate too.

By pressing a button, a red light lights up inside.

According to various sources, Megatron's fusion cannon draws its power from a collapsed star, or a black hole, inter dimensionally. Oh, and don't forget his antimatter eyes he used in the UK comics! And the nuclear breath, the one in IDW comics--he needs some serious mouthwash.

Anyway, Megatron's fusion cannon is an excellent addition and is a must for Megatron, after its omission in the Cybertron, Movie and G2 Classics. Exactly how it looked like in the show.

Energy Mace
"You destroy everything you touch Megatron!"
"Because everything is food for my hunger. My hunger for power!"--Prime and Megatron, MTMTE part 2

I made sure that I watched More than Meets the Eye episodes again to see the legendary energy mace in action. Optimus Prime's energy axe versus Megatron's energy mace... atop Sherman Dam. The climax of the pilot episodes. What's more, Megatron won, a rarity in early Transformer shows.

Now due to older animation, the mace in the show didn't look very fantastic (too inflexible for me), but it sure is impressive. The translucent purple mace included in here is long, fully poseable with links--unlike a certain Oil Slick's chain weapon--and looks bad ass in display.

You fold in one of Megatron's beautifully jointed hand into his wrists, and attach the mace onto it then you go "Aaaaaaah" as you swing it on your Autobot toys.

The mace is sooooo popular it appeared in Dreamwave and IDW comics, as well as Movie Megatron having his chain-claw (pun intended) weapon, and several others I probably remember less well.

Energy Dagger
"One shall stand. One shall fall."
"Why throw your life so recklessly?"--the famous quote, Transformers the movie

No, it's not a light saber. Takara says so.

So, in spirit of having a Death Star, a Han Solo, a Leia, C3P0, a garbage hatch and Stormtroopers in Transformers the Movie (Unicron, Springer, Arcee, Perceptor, Junk planet and the Sweeps), it's no surprise that our villain got a light saber... Energy dagger I mean.

It splits into two pieces, the handle and the blade itself, although the blade is a bit too fat near the handle. May the force be with you Megatron.

As a side note, wimpy Daniel Witwicky has one of these. Holy crap.

"Fall, Optimus Prime, Fall!"--Megatron as he kills Prime

No, not the Autobot cassette player introduced because Prime is jealous of Megatron having Soundwave.

The blaster, a purple gun that suspiciously looks like a futuristic version of Megatron himself, is a nice little accessory. Megs can hold it and place his trigger finger in it.

Not bad for a discarded blaster--it's not a Transformer, but it managed to kill Prime, and even got a toy. How's that, Impactor?

"Kremzeek!"--Kremzeek, Kremzeek.

As a special bonus, the highly popular electric imp troublemaker Kremzeek is included as a non-poseable plastic figurine, smiling his electric smile.

I would've told you more about little Krem, but this review is solely about Megatron, so I can't tell you much. I can only tell you that he's the result of Megatron's less wacky plans and caused havoc all over Tokyo.

And he's so popular he appeared as cameos in Kiss Players, Dreamwave G1, IDW's Movie Prequel and Transformers Animated. And he fits in Universe Blaster's chest. Let the mayhem begin...

Closing words

Right. So I managed to get you interested in the toy at the very least.

So the question hangs. Should you buy it?

I mean, it isn't exactly cheap. But looking at the prices of Ultimate Bumblebee or Supreme Optimus Prime from Animated, a Masterpiece toy is definitely worth your buck... more so than the others.

BUT... It depends. If you're looking for a display piece, or something to complement your 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime, in ahead and take it. If you're looking for a G1-accurate Megatron to tinker with, this is also nice. But no. It's not a toy for playing roughly.

So? Should you get it? Maybe.

DURABILITY 5/10 Many parts that could break, twist or snap off. You must have an aura of patience with him. Worse, you could loose Kremzeek.
TRANSFORMATION 10/10 both for effort and hardness. Very hard. You have to see the instructions otherwise you'll end up with half a piece of crap plastic. The design is excellent.
FUN 10/10 I played with Masterpiece Megatron a few times, and just transforming him and posing him is fun. Hey, with that mace, I'd give anyone an 8 at least.
PRICE 8/10 he's worth your money but bloody expensive.
OVERALL 11/10 (not a typo) to quote the guy who reviewed 20th Anniversary Prime: Best. Megatron. Ever. Ever. For playing I still stick with my Henkei Megs but Masterpiece Megatron is displayed in my bookshelf in my room, with Laserbeak (Commemorative edition) on shoulder and Universe Ironhide and Prowl at his feet. Such heroic nonsense indeed. Mwahahahahaha. This Megatron would complete your Megatron collection. Come on, there are smaller versions of a realistic Optimus or Starscream or Grimlock, but when else you get a Megatron with a realistic gun mode and a nice robot mode? I dare say is a first. Peace through tyranny!
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